SSPRINT Reaches Pune with a yet another Successful Fitness Event

“Sports specific fitness challenge” one more successful SSPRINT event held in Pune. It was a very exciting and informative session held at Prasad Kanade cricket academy. The session included a package of fitness tests specific to Cricket. Among various components of fitness, cardiovascular endurance, agility, flexibility and power are the major ones required for Cricket.

The well known Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test was used to assess cardiovascular endurance. We were amazed to have around 4 players who crossed the 16.1 mark which is the benchmark for fitness in Indian cricket team. Sit and reach test is used to assess flexibility and most of the players at Prasad Kanade academy scored well in this Fitness Challenge. Particularly for fast bowlers, lower limb strength is something to be concerned about. The vertical jump test helps in testing lower extremity power. Agility is one of the prime fitness component which is required during run in between the wickets and fielding.

An expert Nutritionist was also on board for this session who laid many eye opening facts and guided through the path to a balanced diet for Cricketers not only at home but also when on tours.

Some Snaps from the event-




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