History of Blind Cricket: By Statistician Chirag

Blind Cricket originated in Victoria in 1922 and has been introduced to New Zealand, Britain, India and Sri Lanka. The first international matches were  between Australia and Sri Lanka five years ago and there have been “Tests” between India and Sri Lanka since then.
In Victoria about 100 visually-impaired and totally blind people, in 6 teams, play regular competition games and there are similar competitions in two other Australian states – New south wales and Queensland.

Every two years the All Australian Blind Cricket championships are held, in mid-January.
The first ever “Test” Cricket matches between teams of blind cricketers from Australia and New Zealand played in New Zealand’s North Island in April 1976.
Former Secretary of the Australian Blind Cricket Council John Simpson played vital role in developing Blind Cricket in Australia and New Zealand. He organized 12 Bilateral series between Aus-NZ.

Former Indian Test captain Manzoor Ali khan Pataudi lost vision of one eye in an accident just before leading country in Test cricket, but still he lead from front and India won 1st ever Test series in New Zealand. Vision of eyes very important not just for humans, but also for all living beings. Eyes is most delicate organ of our body. South Africa’s Ex Wicket-keeper  Mark boucher’s career was over due to Serious. Injury in eyes when he required only 2 dismissals to take 1000 dismissals in international cricket. Ex Indian Test cricketer Saba karim’s career is also over due to serious eyes injury on-field.