Good Diamond tipped to win

Good Diamond is fancied to win The Prevalence Plate, the main event of the Delhi races, here on Friday. The first race begins at 2.15 pm.
1st race: The Stunning Rose Plate Div -I (1200mts)
1. Oh, So Hot 2. Master Novak 3. Master Novak 3. Master Becket
2nd race: The Stunning Plate Div -II (1200mts)
1. Ashwa Tejasvi 2. Hot Blood 3. Jhilmil
3rd race: The Bold Faith Plate (1200mts)
1. Hukana Matata 2. My Ablaze 3. Big News
4th race: The prevalence Plate (1000mts)
1. Good Diamond 2. Mister Badal 3. AShwa saga
5th race: The Sweet Water Plate Div – I (1000mst)
1. Beautiful Soul 2. Master Badal 3.Darjeeling
6th race: The Sweet Water plate Div -II (1000mts)
1. Conquering Bid 2. Miss Lee 3. Tom Risk
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