Is Kohli going Sachin’s way as a Batsman as well as a Captain?



There are some things which simply mystify you in cricket and one of them is our very own Head Coach of India’s cricket team-Mr.Ravi Shastri. The pot-bellied coach who rejected classy players like the experienced Yuvraj Singh, the in-form Ambati Rayadu and ODI Specialist Suresh Raina just because they were a point behind in Yo Yo Test says it all on the current status in the Indian Dressing Room.

Yes Yo-Yo fitness is an excellent tool to gauge fitness, it’s an excellent way to promote fitness in the players but that should not be a benchmark to reject a player if he has been doing well. Yuvraj or Raina in the ODI series would have lent that much needed experience in the middle order while Ambati was amongst the highest run scorers but still Shastri was quite adamant. Rather he even told the media’ This is how it goes, this is what needs to be followed, there is no sparing anyone”. Isn’t that behavior more or less like Greg Chappell?

What’s more, a true leader, a true champ will take the defeat in his stride, will accept his loss and weaknesses. Take example of Dravid- whenever his team lost, he took the blame on him and promised to put a better show but what Shastri does is what a 10yr old Kid would do with his friends. Whenever India lost a series or a game abroad, Shastri instead of taking the blame and respecting the former players, will always start comparing. His typical replies would range from’ ‘Yes we lost, but the former teams who have visited here does not have a good record either”

“Yes we lost but so did the earlier Indian teams which visited previously” and whenever the Indian team wins against a depleted side like Sri Lanka and Windies, Shastri would be the 1st one to praise his team “ Ours is the most successful overseas team than the previous teams who have played (without even comparing the class and quality of matches being played earlier)

Like really? India won series against Sri Lanka and Windies who have a team so weak even Bangladesh can give a tough fight. The wins where it mattered, the tests against the top teams like South Africa, the Asia Cup finale vs Pakistan, the ODI and Test series against the powerful England, we have simply lost against the powerful teams. The way Indian batsman have struggled vs the Pakistani, African and English bowlers is something not a single generation of Indian team has ever struggled like this.

But all Shastri does is comparing and putting the former legends down. Shastri’s behavior even raged Gavaskar to step in and make him remind of India’s past records. Also to remind the coach, the former Indian teams played against world class teams and bowlers unlike today.

Instead of comparing and putting others down which is not only demeaning of what leaders do, he should have stood up and taken the responsibility of losses which could have made him earn respect.

On the other hand, his partner Mr.Kohli- A lot of hype has been made on Kohli’s perfomance but if we take his dropped catches into consideration this tournament, Kohli may have not amassed more than 300runs in the Test series. Kohli who is at his peak in International career seems to be on the same way as Sachin. Sachin was similarly at the peak of his career with the bat however could not focus on Captaincy. The team lost badly under him in 1997 losing both the ODI and Test series vs WI just like how we lost ODI and Test series in England. Sachin who had played around 60 tests averaged around 55.00 with 20tons already registered just like how Kohli’s stats read right now. His batting was no way affected but still because of the losses, Sachin almost contemplated for retirement before he quit captaincy once and for all. Kohli is at the same stage like Sachin and lets’s hope he gives a comeback not as a batsman but as a skipper vs Australia in the upcoming tour.

Ganguly who happens to be a very wise man had given one simple statement before the England tour- “No one is going to judge and observe Kohli as a batsman, he will be judged as a skipper” Maybe the old horse was aware on what was in the store for the Indian team.



Editor Haineel Shah