The Iconic Asia Cup and its History….

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With series against England lost. India’s next mission would be to win Asia cup and
Salvage some prestige. They have won and looks like they will be able to win this time also.
The old war horse Dhoni is back & that should boost captain Rohit Sharma.

First Let me explain all your queries.
What is Asia Cup ?

It is a cricket tournament held among Asian countries.

Duration of the match-It Is either 50 overs or of 20 overs

The first Asia cup was held in 1984 in Sharjah. India boycotted the 1986 tournament due to
strained cricketing relations with Sri Lanka Then it was Pakistan’s turn to boycott. They did so siting strained political relations with India.

The 1993 tournament was cancelled. The ACC has announced that the tournament will be held
Biennially from 2008 onwards. The ICC has ruled that all games played in the Asia Cup have
official ODI status. Schedule of the tournament


15.09.18 B     Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanka
16.09.18 A     Pakistan vs Hong Kong
17.09.18 B     Sri Lanka Vs Afganistan
18.09.18 A     India vs Hong Kong
19.09.18 A     India vs Pakistan
20.09.18 B    Bangla desh Vs Afganistan

Top 2 qualify
to play Super 4


Group A winner vs Group B
runners up


Group A runners up vs Group
B winner runners up


Group B runners up vs Group
B winner runners up


Group A runners up vs Group
B winner runners up
25..09.18       Group A winner vs Group B

Winner runners up


Group A runners up vs Group
B winner runners up

Finals on

India should top their group
Now Let us see the winners of this tournament since it’s inception.

Year Winner           Runners up
1984 India              Sri Lanka
1986 Sri Lanka      Pakistan

1988 india              Sri Lanka
1991 India               Sri Lanka

1995 India               Sri Lanka
1997Sri Lanka        India

2000 Sri Lanka      India
2004 Sri Lanka      India

2008 Sri Lanka      India
2010 India           Sri Lanka

2012 pakistan     Bangladesh

2014 Sri lanka     Pakistan

2016 India           Bangladesh

India have won 6 times closely followed by sri lanka with 5 wins

Let us now find out top 5 batsman of this tournament

1 Sanath Jayasuriya
2 Kumar Sangakara
3 Sachine
4 Virat Kohli
5 Arjuna Ranatunge

Sri Lanka may have won the trophy because of their batsman have excelled

Top 5 Asia Cup Bowlers

1. Muttiah Murlidharan
2 Lasait Malliga
3 Ajantha Mendis
4 Saeed ajmal
5 Chaminda Vyas