Bronze a boost to banish books for sailing: Tomar

She wants to have nothing to do with books and armed with an Asian Games medal now, sailor Harshita Tomar has parents that she wouldn’t be missing much by prioritizing sailing over schooling.

The 16-year-old missed her class X exams to be in Jakarta for the Asian Games and as it turns out, the risk was worth taking as she ended up with a bronze in the laser 4.7 event. If Harshita has her way, she would happily miss the exams again but she can’t.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with studies. After all, it is the not the only thing that educates. But I know my parents will be after my life and I do have some free time from sailing so I rather appear for my board exams,” Harshita said at a felicitation ceremony organized by the CBI, where her mother Rani Tomar is a constable. Her proud parents, Rani and Devendra Singh Tomar, pushed her to study in an already punishing schedule that required six hours of training on the water. Like normal parents, they also wanted their daughter to be well educated but now they realize education is a lot more than just getting lost in the books.

“Education is important and that is why we wanted her to do normal school and college but with the exposure, she has got through sailing, we feel she is much smarter than kids of her age. We have not gone outside (India) but she has got traveled the world all by herself. Now we realize that is very much a part of education,” mother said.



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