The Rise of Virat Kohli….

Virat Kohli is often regarded as one of the best batsman in the world. Yesterday he showed it again . He is currently No.2 ranked batsman in the world in Test cricket. In addition to his superb batting skills, he is also a very good fielder,and aggressive captain whose never give up attitude on the pitch is loved by all.
Virat has scored runs in almost all parts of the world, thanks to his brilliant technique, and ability to change his game according to the conditions. He Has strong bottom hand grip which he uses well to play flick shot. He scores lots of runs on leg side, but is also a good cover driver of the ball. Generally, it is difficult for batsman with strong bottom hand grip to play through off-side, but Virat has fast hands and flexible wrist which helps him to score runs through off-side as well. He is a busy player who can rotate the strike very well, and is known for his quick running between the wickets. He can also hit big sixes when it is required,which makes him a complete batsman.
Kohli is often praised by his teammates for his commitment, hard work and determination. He lives a very disciplined life, follows a strict diet. His childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma said in a recent interview ” Virat gave up his favourite food butter chicken and mutton chops, He used to gorge on all sorts of fast food. But today, it finds no place in his diet. He has cut down on carbs and doesn’t even have rotis now. It is either grilled or boiled food for him. Even his coffee is without sugar.”
He spends a lot of time in the gym, and goes through rigorous weight lifting sessions to improve his upper body strength.Virat is surely an inspiration for all. At 28, he already holds many records to his name, and it is safe to say he will achieve more in coming years.


Mayur Paranjpe

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