The Khan Returns

Imran Khan’s return as the Prime Minister of Pakistan has created lots of enthusiasm in the cricketing world and among the people in the South Asian nations. His swearing in ceremony was watched across the world. The trouble torn Pakistan will be ruled by one of the brilliant cricket captains the world has ever produced. Pakistan can hope to emerge as a strong democratic, economically powerful and cricket playing nation, leaving behind all its blood and gore stories.

The epic journey of Imran Khan from a cricketer to the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan was tough which was made possible by Imran’s strong will and passion to serve people.  After his mother’s death in 1985, Imran completely devoted himself for philanthropic work. He derived his philanthropic zeal from Sufi Mysticism after he had undergone a spiritual experience.  He was a changed person and never looked back at his past lifestyle. He raised $ 25 million to build a cancer hospital in Lahore in 1994 in the memory of his mother.  He had built another hospital in Peshawar 2015.

Imran’s feat is worth emulating for the Indian cricketers. Barring a few Indian cricketers the majority don’t repay the society’s debt and keep minting money from different assignments and commercial ventures. India’s rich cricketers should take up philanthropic works and repay the society’s debt. Today parents fear to allow their children to choose sports as a career after seeing the plight of retired sportsmen. The Hindus in India should live the core principle of Hinduism, “Sarbey Bhabantu Sukhino.”

This is also the appropriate time for Pakistan to replace its radical ideology with a more tolerant ideology. Violence and radical ideology has torn apart the economy, society and peace in the entire south Asia. The internecine war had taken millions of life, buried the rich ethnic culture, converted farmland into mines field, made people terrorists for money, impoverished people, created orphans and widows.

Imran Khan is the new hope for Pakistan as well as for the war torn Afghanistan where people used to grow multiple crops, exported dry fruits and lived happily in the 70s. No religion in the world is in danger if it practices the principle of love and fellow feelings which trigger economic growth.

Pakistan is lucky to have a leader who is an Oxford graduate and served as the chancellor of Bradford University for a decade. He led Pakistan to world cup victory in 1992. Imran’s return will undoubtedly revive Pakistan cricket. He has the full backing of the Pakistan army. He may influence Pakistan army and the Mullahs to tread the path of friendship and progress in the year to come. Pakistan and India once belonged to Bharat. They can develop trade and cultural relation to reduce their dependence on developed nations. India is a strong economy which can help rebuild Pakistan.

By Sudhansu R Das