Quake survivor Gaurika makes a splash for Nepal

Having survived a killer earthquake a Rio Olympics, nd an embarrassing wardrobe glitch at 2016 Rio Olympics, Nepali swimmer Gaurika Singh is not your typical 15-year-old.

The bubbly schoolgirl made waves as the youngest at the Olympics but is happy to shed that tag and reveals that she has come out of her shell since her baby-faced appearance in Brazil.

“A lot of my friends say I’m really loud, which is enough because¬†I am, “Singh said.
“I sometimes think in my head ‘oh just shut up, Gaurika -you’re so annoying! I’m a social person.”
Singh, who left Nepal as a toddler to move to London, got into a flap in Rio when she tore her swimsuit before her 100m backstroke heat before slipping on a new costume and winning the years and Singh is strolling around the Asian Games pool in Jakarta like a seasoned pro. “I was only just starting to swim at that age,” said Singh.

Singh trains with her national team every summer but practices in Britain the rest of the time.





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