Few stray thoughts-By Aju Deshpande


Few stray thoughts on the eve of good Indian show at Asian Games and upcoming 4th Test against England .

Like Shotput Gold  winner Toor is from Moga district of Punjab one of the most underdeveloped districts of Punjab I have visited once   , Toor had given up cricket for Shotput otherwise would have at best played IPL .

Like India has till day won 7 Gold 5 Silvers and 12 Bronze makes India more known to World than India winning against England in Cricket at Trent Bridge .
Like the way youngsters are bringing medals in Asian Games definitely mirrors growing  sports  culture at schools and where it has to be.
Like if one can observe most medal winners are not from cash rich metros like Mumbai but from rural India, is pleasantly surprising scenario and reflects growing  all ‘fun no play ‘ culture in Metros.
LIike these medals are not enough proof that India is best country for sports , if we still are at 8th place in medal tally and that too in Asian Games.
Like there is vast difference in standards of Asian Games and Olympic Games, same as scoring runs in India and scoring a fifty  away in countries like England and South Africa.
Like Virat Kohli remains the top batsman in the world but may not be a great captain .
And like my tribute and salute to  Ajit Wadekar, who  remains among the most successful captains overseas  and the only superstar of cricket who saw the Everest of popularity, if not more, though  as much as Sunil , Sachin, Kapil and Dhoni.
And with prediction that India will win remaining two Tests and create history provided Bumrah bowls to his potential and Rahane Pujara bat to theirs.
Aju Deshpande