Some fun facts you should know about Wimbledon!


Wimbledon is one of the world’s most celebrated tennis events.
Here’s a peek into the game’s lesser-known facts



Until now, over 56’000 tennis balls have been used at the Wimbledon tournament. They are replaced every 5-7 games to make sure they are in perfect shape.

To make sure they stay well-maintained, they’re sometimes kept in a refrigerator. When the tournament was established, Wimbledon used white tennis balls since they were better visible to players as well as on television.

The Wimbledon tournament follows a strict dress code. The rules state that all players must be dressed in white attire. In the past, game management professionals and umpires have asked Roger Federer to change his shoes since they had orange soles.


The Wimbledon championship first took place in 1877. This makes it the oldest tennis tournament in the world. Men’s singles was the only event when it started. This was later followed by ladies singles, and men and ladies doubles. Originally, the local favorite sport of Wimbledon was croquet. It wasn’t until 1877 that tennis took over, becoming the new favorite.

The longest match played at Wimbledon took place in the year 2010. Players John Isner of the United States and French player Nicolas Mahut played a match that lasted over 11 hours and was played over their three days.

Since its inception, players bowed down to the people sitting at the Royal Box. However, this was ended in 2003. Today, an exception is made only if Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II or the Prince of Wales is present in the box.

The grass at Wimbledon has to be just right for the match to be played comfortably. Groundsman are required to work throughout the year to make sure the grass courts are maintained well. During the tournament, the grass is cut to a height of exactly eight mm. The courts are sown with 100 percent perennial ryegrass since the tournament is the only Grand Slam to be played on grass.

Retired Czech and American player Martina Navratilova with nine victories holds the record for the most Wimbledon titles in ladies’ singles. In men’s singles, the record for most titles is shared by William Renshaw, Pete Sampras, and Roger Federer, who won the event seven times each.

The fastest serve at the Wimbledon was by Sam Groth. The ball traveled at a speed of 147 mph, which was recorded as the fastest ever in the history of tennis. The quickest serve in the ladies’ tennis was by Lucie Hradecka at a speed of 123 mph.

Wimbledon’s iconic towel-the purple and green one is manufactured in India. The towel that reads ‘The championships’ is manufactured in India.

Strawberries and cream is traditionally consumed at the tournament. In 2017, fans consumed 34,000 kg of English strawberries and 10,00 liters of cream.

In the championship games, ball boys and girls, known as BBGs, play a crucial role in the smooth running of the tournament, with a brief that a good BBG should not be seen. They should blend into the background and get on with their jobs quietly.










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