Schedule-Wimbledon 2018

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DateSessionPlay starts (outer courts)Play starts (show courts)
Mon-Jul 2First round12.00pm1.00pm
Tue-Jul  3First round12.00pm1.00pm
Wed-Jul 4Second round12.00pm1.00pm
Thu-Jul 5Second round12.00pm1.00pm
Fri-Jul 6Third round12.00pm1.00pm
Sat-Jul 7Third round12.00pm1.00pm
Sun-Jul 8No play
Mon-Jul 9Round of 1612.00pm1.00pm
Tue-Jul 10Womens quarterfinals12.00pm1.00pm
Wed-Jul 11Mens quarterfinals12.00pm1.00pm
Thu-Jul 12Womens semifinals12.00pm1.00pm
Fri-Jul 13Mens semifinals12.00pm1.00pm
Sat-Jul 14Womens finals12.00pm2.00pm
Sun-Jul 15Mens finals12.00pm2.00pm








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