A Path-Breaking Day for Sports and Students at the MGM Institute’s- Sports Mela


As we all are busy either studying or making money, we always forget to do the other necessary activities which are essential for mental and physical well being and i.e fitness and fitness comes from sports itself.

No institution or sports body has time to promote other sports than Cricket or at the most football. No sporting body or administrator has the time to inculcate the value of playing sports amongst the young students who are whole day busy either studying or with their smartphones.

Our energetic team of Sportsnasha led by Deo sir and Ajusir who are the youngest members of the team this time packed their bags on a sunny Sunday rather than watching TV at home and decided to leave for Navi Mumbai at the vast MGM Institute of health sciences. An institute spread over acres with dedicated students from different streams and we also observed great hospitality and discipline. But one thing which poked us was that the kids could at this age play some sports too and learn to balance both studies and sports. Playing any sport not only improves mental and physical fitness but also keeps you away from various ailments and unwanted thinking along with addiction to smartphones. It also instills the values of sportsman spirit, of not giving up and fighting hard till you achieve success.

It’s not just cricket, it’s every sport which is special and thanks to Dr. Yuvraj Singh we could collaborate with the institute and keep a memorable sporting day for the young kids. National level Karate Champions led by sir Suryakant Mundapat and his sons , Veteran Table Tennis stalwarts Ulhas Shirke sir and Redkar sir, Archery master Pankaj Athawale, Maharashtra’s no.1 Shooter Om Kubal, Young Footballer Anurag Gawde all were brought under one roof by team Sportsnasha to create a magical atmosphere of sports.

The first session involved a healthy discussion amidst the MGM students and the panel where sportsnasha team, a renowned nutritionist, Fitness coach and principal,director, vice principal and chancellor along with other respected professors discussed on why is sports being not played that much amongst kids, productive discussions led to various solutions and reasons we came to know which was a lesson for kids as well as us to learn. Then another major topic which was discussed was what should be done to encourage and promote all sports amongst youngsters which was also a one truly productive session.

Followed by that there was an interactive one on one sports session between the champions and the students. All sports like table tennis, archery, shooting, football were conducted in the MGM college where the kids had a blast. And more than having fun the students realized why sports is so important and that’s where our team succeeded.

It was just a different vibe and environment which we were able to see, this environment needs to be created in the entire nation. It was a small start to a wonderful initiative which will surely lead to a big movement.


Our Group of Panelists in the MGM Sports Mela-

  • Sudhir kadam (Trustee and head of MGM institute of Health science)
  • Rajani Patan (Director at MGM institute of Health Sciences)
  • Yuvraj Singh (Physiotherapist) also the one who made this event possible
  • Rupesh Pawar (MCA and BCCI approved renowned Fitness Coach)
  • Anuja Patel (Renowned Nutritionist)
  • Ulhas Shirke (National Table Tennis champion)
  • Shirish Deshpande and Rajesh Deo (Sportsnasha founders)
  • Pankaj Athavale (Archery Coach/Player, renowned Radio Jockey , Cricket commentator and Sportsnasha member)

(Note- Apologies if we have missed out on any names)

The MGM Physiotherapy students who were part in managing this event were also great in helping and co-ordinating with great discipline and hospitality, credit also goes to them for helping in making this event a success.


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Editor Haineel Shah

Team Sportsnasha