Why we all are responsible for India not making to the Football World Cup

Yes, we all are responsible for our country not making to the football world cup or for that matter to any other major world sporting main events because of our infatuation with cricket. We cannot deny that our infatuation has actually led Indian cricket to the highest pedestal, but unknowingly we have also harmed and taken the spotlight away from other sports.

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind” does not only work in your offices but works in every field including that of the sporting business. For every good thing to survive and sustain over a period in this world, it requires timely financial boost as and when required. This financial boost is provided by the sponsors and the advertisers, who are not sports enthusiasts but shrewd businessman wanting to make the most out of their investment. As of today and from past few decades, cricket has been the advertiser’s cash cow, and a stage for the businesses to show to the world that they have arrived. Like Reliance did during the 80s, then Pepsi and Coca-Cola and now Micromax and Paytm, everyone wants to be associated with the sport which grabs the maximum eyeballs, where the cricket players are regarded the superstars. Well, it is not their fault, it is our, the Indian viewers’ fault that we prefer cricket over every other sport.

So unless there isn’t enough number of viewership for any sport, there would not be enough money pumped into its promotion. If there is no enough promotion, the sportsperson would be underpaid that they have to search for alternate employment for survival and once sport no longer helps them make money, it is bound that sportsperson gives up the sport – this is how all the sports have taken a beating and continue to do so. Of all, football has been the worst victim of all, with the football premier leagues still not receiving enough viewership, and once the Chhetri gets out of our sight, the Indian football too would go out of our mind.

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