Story of Shailesh Tambe from Colaba to Wimbledon!


Shailesh Tambe,mumbai youngster will head to Wimbledon on 24th June to do the job of line umpire in Wimbledon qualifying rounds which begin next week.Let us look how Shailesh has come this far.

He lives in a chawl in Colaba,Mumbai.Commerce degree holder from Elphinston College worked in a call centre for few years.But after completion of contract now makes a living out of tennis.Shailesh first worked as a ballboy in MSLTA(Maharashtra Lawn Tennis Association)in 2006.Nine years ago sadly he lost his parents and afterwards he lives with his sister.However he didn’t give up.Officials from MSLTA helped him financially. For the past 6-7 years he has been working  hard.From ballboy to line umpire he made rapid progress. He worked as line umpire in Davis Cup,WTA events,Tata Open as well as in different national tennis tournaments across the country.Moreover he bagged best line umpire award five times in the past 3 years. After seeing his talent,dedication and hard work, officials of the association persuaded him to apply for Wimbledon.His dream will finally come true when he arrives on tennis lawns at Wimbledon.
MSLTA will bear expenses for his London tour. Ironically this will be his first foreign trip and no better way to officiate in  a big tournament such as Wimbledon. If he does his job good enough then he might be promoted to officiate in main draw of Wimbledon also. We at sportsnasha wish him well for Wimbledon and his future.
Shailesh Padhye 
Team Sportsnasha