Iceland Goalie is surprisingly also a passionate film-maker!


While Iceland’s World cup coach is famously a dentist and their squad had a boardgame publisher and a wine importer in their ranks, goalkeeper-film-maker Hannes Halldorsson says his job on the side sets him apart. “Film-making must be up there as one of  the  jobs in the team ,” Halldorsson said.

“It’s not the usual combination, to be a footballer and filmmaker,” said the 34-year-old who saved a panalty from Lionel Messi during the Nordic minnows’ 1-1 draw with Argentina Saturday.

Cultivating an interesting side line of work is common in Iceland’s semi-professional league, said Halldorsson, who now plays for Randers in Denmark. “I always had a passion for it when I was young that’s what   I got sucked into after high school,” he said.

Highlights in his film-making CV include the video clip for Iceland’s  2012 Eurovision song contest entry, a rousing World cup promotional film for the team, and a commercial for a world cup corporate sponsor.






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