Foreigners and Russians look for love in the FIFA World Cup ’18


During an after-noon at a Moscow park, Argentina fan Augustin Otelo is conuting not the number of phone number he has collected from Russian girls.

“Four!” boasts the 26-year-old engineer dressed in his country’s blue and white stripes as he competes with his friends to see who can  get the most phone numbers. Otelo said he hopes his “exotic factor” with help his “find love’ in the Russian capital. “We don’t know what to do between matches, so we thought we could try to get to know the Russian people better,” he said. The Argentinians are flicking through selfies on their phones of Russian girls posing on the popular dating app Tinder.

“There’s a lot of competition because of the number of man who have come to Russia for the World cup, ” Otelo said.

“And very few girls speak English or Spanish.” But the language barrier has not stopped Russians and thousands of foreign football fans from mixing on the streets of Moscow, despite conflicting messages to Russia’s female population from politicians. On the eve of the world cup, communist lawmaker Tamara Pletneva warned Russian women that flings with visiting football fans could leave them raising children “of another race” alone.






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