Crazy Cricket with Desi Mac-A Satirical take!



Whenever I visit  a fast food joint near our home on Saturday evening to buy a burger for my over-pampered son, a young guy Mac is always found sitting in a corner playing mobile game and  with a glass of coke on his table.
Today Mac was not on table but inside serving area.
He asked  me to wait  “Hey! uncle! wait today I will finish the duty in few minutes and come we will  sit and chat cricket ” He won’t let me go without discussing  a latest on cricket arena. Only thing I don’t like is he keeps calling me UNCLE.
Me – Hi! Mac! why you are on duty in this burger joint.I never expected you to be there inside and taking orders.
Mac – Uncle I will tell you, just wait (Mac finishes duty and joins me on a table with glass of coke)
Me- Mac, What are you busy with everyday after your duty gets over, now that IPL has ended?
Mac– You can guess?
Me- Are you busy watching Pakistan England Tour?
Mac- No uncle. I don’t see any cricket match between them except for some fast bowling by ever shining Pakistan pace attack or some good batting by Butler.
Me-Butler was IPL star this year and says he got confident in Test because of IPL. What a downfall for Test cricket.
Mac-Whatever! But ultimately cricket benefits.But tell me what is your take ? what I must be busy with ?
Me- You must be busy watching Srilanka West Indies Test on Sony ESPN.
Mac-  No way uncle !  I don’t like to watch matches when empty chairs are the spectators. So I reckon that is not the correct guess.
Me– Then you must be busy watching French open Tennis.
Mac – I am only a cricket fan, why will I watch Tennis ? As such there is neither  Federer there , as usual in France nor some good beautiful Women Tennis players. So no question of watching French Open.
Guess now what I am busy with these days after my duty hours ?
Me- You must be busy with your studies now that you failed in exam due to time waste watching IPL.
Mac- No way uncle, I have not failed in exam for first time . Infact I am in same class since IPL has started.
Me- Mac don’t do that . How will you earn money if you don’t pass exams and get degree.Any way I feel you must be busy playing cricket on mobile I mean virtual gaming.
Mac – Uncle after this  duty gets over I have to go to petrol pump and work there.
Me – But why so much hard work Mac?
Mac – Uncle you know what happened to Arbaz khan?
Uncle – Yes he lost three crore in betting.
Mac – Same here, I put bet on Mumbai Indians .
Me – And you lost how many ?
Mac – Just three zeros  less than Arbaz bhai
Me – Oh ! But you don’t have brother like Salman to repay?
Mac – I have not one but two brothers.
Me- Then they are not helping ?
Mac – No Uncle. They also lost . They put bets on Delhi Dare Devils and Kings XI. One brother is working as security guard and another in Super Market.
Me – Maaaaac take this cheque and repay all your betting money dues.
Mac – Uncle thank you so much .
Me – Don’t thank me Mac.Thank MSD.
Mac – Why Uncle ?
Me – I put my money on CSK as usual Mac.
Mac – Uncle ! From tomorrow I will call you brother and not uncle, you paid all my betting dues like BHAI Salman would do for Arbaz.
A Satirical by Aju Deshpande
Team Sportsnasha
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