Charm of the World Cup Sticker Book endures among fans!


Eighth-grade teacher Ari Mascarenhas could have picked high-tech gadgets or modern apps to help his students learn portuguese but he instead went old shcool with the World cup sticker book.

He’s been a fan since 1986 -when he was eight-and the attraction for the collectibles has trickled down generations and endured for adults who still trade the stickers in Brazil, the United ¬†States and other countries.

Mascarenhas said his soccer-loving students develop critical language skills by studying every part of the 80-page book filled with team rosters, country flags and historical info They read stats, names and other information while associating it with colors , illustrations and other visual cues.

“With the sticker book they see that ¬†language goes beyond verbal. I loved the way they interacted swapping stickers, so I thought this year I could use an analogue, a teacher at German- Brazilian Colegio Humb






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