Zinedine zidane:- Tactical genius or Man manager?


Real Madrid created history recently by reaching Champions league final third time in row. Zinedine zidane will be looking to finish season strongly with Champions league victory. Madrid have been extremely inconsistent this season, but their ability to perform in big matches has helped them in reaching another UCL finale. They have struggled in league, and are currently third in the table fifteen points behind Barcelona who have already won the league.

Since Zidane took over as manager of Real Madrid in 2016, Madrid have won 8 trophies which include two back to back Champions league titles. They also won league last year, which according to Zidane is hardest to win. Despite winning so many titles zidane is always criticised for his tactics. Against juventus in quater final of UCL this year they struggled to hold on their first leg lead, but won the game late with penalty. In semi final also Bayern were the better team over the two legs, but Madrid won 4-3 on aggregate. There is no doubt Zidane has been extremely successful as a manager of Real Madrid. Let’s have a look at some of the key factors which made him successful.

Squad rotation :-

Zidane often rotates his squad in order to use full potential of his players. As players tell themselves there is no such thing as ‘team A’ and ‘team B’ at Madrid. Each and every player is considered important by zidane. He prefers an approach specific to each game and chooses the players he thinks are best suited to the occasion. It doesn’t always works for other managers, but it works for him.

Controlled possession:-

Zidane likes to take control of the game by keeping possession of the ball, especially in the midfield. His preferred two midfielders Kroos and Modric are very good at keeping the ball. They don’t rely on counter attacking football as they used to before.

Attacking fullbacks:-

Zidane often allows his fullbacks to go up the field while attacking, as it gives them width. Both Marcelo and Carvajal can cross the ball well. Marcelo is one of the best attacking fullbacks in the world, and zidane utilises him very well. Although space left behind by fullbacks helps opposition in attack, but zidane prefers attacking football.

Madrid are clearly weak defensively, but they have got match winners in their team who can get them out of difficult situations. Zidane may not be the tactical genius, but his achievements speak for themselves. There are many managers in the world who are tactically good, but can they achieve what zidane has ??

Mayur Paranjpe

Team Sportsnasha

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