Cricket coaches required for Numbai Hindians…..

Crazy Cricket with Desi Mac.

Whenever I visit a fast food joint near our home, on Saturday evening to buy burger for my over pampered son, a young guy Mac is always found sitting in a corner playing mobile game and  with a glass of coke on his table. He would grab me “Hey! come on  uncle! sit.” He won’t let me go without discussing  a latest on cricket arena.
Me – Hi! Mac! what will you have?  chicken or Mutton burger?
Mac – Mutton today . Uncle I am highly excited today.(He keeps calling me uncle inspite of my innumerable requests to address  me  as brother)
Me – Tell me Mac. Wat for you are excited? Any hot news on IPL cricket?
Mac – There is an advertisement in today’s newspaper.
Me- Of what?
Mac- Next year’s IPL.
Me – Wat Advt? Is new team getting introduced?
Mac- Yes ! You sometimes think correct like Mumbai Indians Team Management. does .
Me – Tell me which team ?
Mac -NH. Numbai Hindian.
Me – Who will own?
Mac – All NRIs from USA who are not trumped, I mean, those who have just escaped the new Visa restrictions.
Me – Great! NRIs are so generous.Who will play?
Mac- Players are not important.Ask who will coach? Now a days coaching is more paying than playing.
Me- Who is going to coach this new Numbai Hindians?
Mac – Ask how many coaches ? then ask for what?
Me – Tell me how many are going to coach?
Mac – Only twenty two coaches.
Me – Only ??? So less for wat ?
Mac- If Mumbai can have so many  then why not Numbai ? I mean Numbai Hindians?
Me- Tell me their specialized task of coaching one by one please .
Mac – Five for batting !
Me – Five ???
Mac – Yes! one for straight drive, one for sweep, one for hook and one for well left remaining for other possible or impossible strokes .
Me – Nice , good thinking. Then wat other coaches for?
Mac- Five for bowling . One for Yorker one for short ball one for full toss one for wide ball and one for bouncer.
Me – Great! No one for swing bowling . Wat more?
Mac – Seven for fielding. One for Slip coaching, one for gully coaching, one for long on, one for mid wicket , one for third man , one for catching and one for dropping .
Me – Good nice strategy. Wat will remaining five do?
Mac – One for cheer girls, one for manager, one for captain,  one for twelth man and one for shopping .
Me – Shopping coach?
Mac – Yes . when players play their wives might get bore. So he will guide them for shopping otherwise they will not allow players to  concentrate.
Me – Super brain.But why are you excited so much?
Mac – Simple! Man! I am likely to be one of the coaches?
Me – Who will take you? You don’t have any cricketing ability.
Mac – There is coach category called dropping I am good at dropping catches.Nobody can drop like me .
Me – Just check advertisement properly, it must be for dropping the team to airport and not dropping the catches.
Mac- Oh ! You may be right .  I did not see the star mark…Any way I am ready to do that also, if they are paying me even zero point zero one crore.

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