Cricket with Mama Panwala- By Aju Deshande

During my weekly visit to Pan Shop I had some intriguing discussion with Mamu Panwala.

Mamu: Aju Bhai Pan mitha ki Sada

Me: Sada only Mamu, I have diabetes reading of more than every IPL match target ,I mean 200 plus and that too without eating Mangoes specially purchased by my wife for Rs.1000 per dozen.

Mamu : But tell me Aju Bhai what is the most surprising thing about this IPl?

Me: It’s definitely Unadkat getting Rs.12 crore ….

Mamu: No! Aju Bhai its ok if Unadkat got 12 crore . Tomorrow your son also could get more money if he starts playing cricket and has few skills like playing cross batted shots.

Me : Never Mamu. My son is happy doing nine to five job and getting bread and butter and IPl ticket online with free pizza and burger sometimes .

Mamu: But you guess what is most surprising about this IPL?

Me: I think it could be that Punjab XI is showing signs of winning after long time .

Mamu :No way! Kings XI winning is very obvious after Gayle has been included in their squad and Zinta Madam luck showing upward graph like BSE Sensex . Its something different I am talking about that is very special and surprising in this IPl. Please guess.

Me :Is it that Mallya is not seen in Pavilion for RCB matches is surprise of IPL 18?

Mamu :No surprise in that. Mallya ji has just got married and must be on honeymoon to some place known only to him and his third wife apart from CBI.The surprise of this IPl is something very shocking.

Me: Oh is it? let me think..I guess it’s surprising that Dravid is nowhere to be seen in IPl.

Mamu : No way . Rahul is taking rest with family especially after great world cup victory with young Indian Team and as such Rahul never runs behind money , he is different from other sweet tooth greedy stars of India.The surprise of IPl is something totally exciting.

Me :I can not guess Mamu. I feel every thing in IPL looks surprising .The catches , the nail biting matches, the toe shaking bowling, the batting, the fielding, the running, the color plus public, the euphoria and over and above all, the artificially emotional media …

Mamu: Aju bhai you are old now. you can’t match the new generation emotions and likes, dislikes. Tell me what do you feel is the most mind blowing thing in this IPl?

Me : Mamu you only tell, because you are IPL fan and I am Test Match fan, so you know better.But one thing you please explain . Why are you giving one Kolkata Masala Free on one Banarasi Sada.

Mamu :Simple and you have answered my question.Every tom, dick and hary is giving discounts during IPL and making up their shop sales which had bottomed during demonitisation.

Me :But what has this to do with your question of what is biggest surprise of IPL?

Mamu: Every one is baking their bread in blowing hot IPL oven.

Me: So what ? What is surprising about it?

Mamu : Surprise is here . My friend’s son has made more money than Unadkat by winning all the contests and discounts till date during IPL and is going to gross more than perhaps star TV .

Me: In our Desi language garam tave pe roti sekna.

Mamu : Aju bhai this is called real remonetisation and RBI must learn few tricks from IPL

Me : True man . Cricket and Bollywood rock in India, every thing else including so called economic wisdom of RBI flops …




Author- Aju Deshpande