Will DK play for many more years?- Interview

Cricket with Mamu Panwala

Mamu- Aju Bhai , have you read any of Dinesh Karik’s interviews, after he played that super-duper hit nine  ball match winning knock?

Me- Yessss ! Mamuuuuuu !  I just came to show you, that I just received on my Watsap one exceptional interview taken by some sensational journalist of DK .  Reading out for you loudly. Please do not interrupt. You make my pan while I read out the interview.

Mamu- Ok start reading.

Interview of DK by journalist PK

PK-  I am PK . Are you Mr DK?

DK- Yes I am DK. Any doubt?

PK- No doubt sir, but as such I have not seen you for many years, you are coming in team after so many tournaments. So I could not recognize.

DK-  Fine, fine ! Mr PK . Now quickly start,  I have to go to another venue for my 50th interview. This is already my 49th  interview of the day.

PK- Congrats DK ! Out of the world knock against Nagin dancers I mean Bangla Desh boys.

DK- Thank you PK .

PK- DK sir, by the way what was special for breakfast on that day of final ?

DK- I had  one sandwitch without bread and Dahi without curd. But why this question?

PK-Sir Sandwitch , Veg or non-veg?

DK- Non-veg without Veg.

PK-Oh ! Great ! Eating non-veg that too without veg must be giving  you power, that’s why all your hits went out of ground. And in our childhood they used say ‘Dahi khake aya kya?’ whenever someone played well. But DK sir, Do you eat non-veg when you play ODI also?

DK-I eat non-veg only when I play T-20, I eat egg when I play ODI because in ODI you have to take only singles and doubles for that eggs are enough.

PK- When you play Test what you eat sir?

DK-Of course I eat veg , when I play Test matches.

PK-  Oh Great.  In Test you have to walk   slow between wickets, just like elephant, so eating veg is enough. Sir, but please can you tell , what was the color of bed sheet in your room sir , on the day of final?

DK-I don’t remember.

PK-Sir please! sir please,  try to remember. Our readers want to know.

DK-You can say blue.

PK-Oh ! Amazing  answer sir. That’s why they call your innings as ‘Out of the blue one’. And sir, please tell what was the type of music did you listen in morning on that day of great final sir?

DK-I was listening to remix of some old hindi film may be it was Jiska Muze Tha Intajar Vo Ghadi aa Gayee a Gayee aa Gayee…

PK- Ohh! That is why you had so many remixed shots of some original shots of Dhoni sir ,  in the great innings. But please tell me sir, what is the TV channel you watch generally?

DK- I just watch any channel where they show some advertisement of miracle Jadi Buti products, in which some thin people take some tablets and in two days become bodybuilders and start looking like a Bollywood hero.

PK-Ohh that’s the reason. You took that miracle Jadi Buti and were able to hit those mindboggling shots. But tell me sir, what was innerwear you were wearing on the day of final?

DK- That I will not tell.

PK- Why Sir?  Let your fans know sir, they want to know sir, so that they can also play like you sir, by wearing the same brand of innerwear.

DK- Whenever we play finals we are not allowed to wear anything inside. This is the rule, since Sourav sir took out the shirt after we won Natwest final in England. And it is correct also as taking our shirt is easy but taking our innerwear along with shirt is not so simple. Even ICC might bring the same rule for all countries that when any team play finals ‘not to wear innerwear’.

PK- Oh sir. But you did not take out shirt sir, like Sourav Ganguly sir.

DK- I thought of but I do not have great body like Salman, so I avoided.

PK- Ohh. Right Sir, just a last question sir. When you will retire sir? As you have played innings of life time, you should think of retiring on top sir.

DK- I will retire but only after that fellow retires.

PK-Who sir ?

DK- That man ,If he  would have continued working  as TC in Railways, I would have played so much more cricket .

PK-Oh you mean M.S. Dhoni ?  Oh my god I   So you will definitely not retire till he plays.

DK- Yes, I will keep playing, I mean keep sitting in pavilion for my turn till he decides to retire.

PK- But sir, some where I heard that he will quit only after you retire. Any way, but sir just for a moment, give your autograph sir. I will show it to all my friends on facebook sir and get more likes than my girlfriend gets when she updates her profile Dinesh Kartik sir.

DK- I am not Dinesh Kartik. I am DK . DK for Duplicate karik .

PK-Sir what’s this?  I wanted to talk to original Dinesh Kartik sir. Where is he?

DK- See there. He is practicing hard for next series. But one last question to you Mr PK. I am DK for Duplicate Kartik. You are PK for what?

PK- I am Popatlal Krantilal a free lance journalist for a famous  website SportsDhokla.com

Aju Deshpande