Carrying the bat through innings- See Who has done it in Test Cricket?

While whole India was celebrating their amazing victory over SA in the 3rd test, a record Was created by SA opening batsman Elgar. He remained unbeaten on 86* in second ings

The term is mainly used when the innings closes after all 10 wickets have fallen or all10 wickets fall to close ings.


In short, an opening batsman survives the complete innings, he would literally be “carrying the bat” back to the pavilion.


More than 2000 tests are played in last 150 years.

This rare phenomena has occurred 53 times in 47 tests.


Desmond Haynes is the only man to have carried his bat through three Test innings.

There are 4 indiansIn this list. As usual SunnyGavaskar is

Also in this list..


PlayerRunsTotalInns Team
AB Tancred26*472 South Africa
JE Barrett67*1763 Australia
R Abel132*3072 England
PF Warner132*2373 England
WW Armstrong159*3093 Australia
JW Zulch43*1032 South Africa
W Bardsley193*3831 Australia
WM Woodfull30*66†4 Australia
WM Woodfull73*193†4 Australia
WA Brown206*4222 Australia
L Hutton202*3442 England
L Hutton156*2722 England
Nazar Mohammad124*3312 Pakistan
FMM Worrell191*3722 West Indies
TL Goddard56*993 South Africa
DJ McGlew127*2921 South Africa
CC Hunte60*1313 West Indies
GM Turner43*1314 New Zealand
WM Lawry49*1073 Australia
WM Lawry60*116†4 Australia
GM Turner223*3862 New Zealand
IR Redpath159*3463 Australia
G Boycott99*2154 England
SM Gavaskar127*2863 India
MudassarNazar152*3231 Pakistan
S Wettimuny63*1442 Sri Lanka
DC Boon58*1033 Australia
DL Haynes88*2113 West Indies
GA Gooch154*2523 England
DL Haynes75*1762 West Indies
AJ Stewart69*1753 England
DL Haynes143*3823 West Indies
MH Dekker68*1874 Zimbabwe
MA Atherton94*2282 England
G Kirsten100*2391 South Africa
MA Taylor169*3502 Australia
GW Flower156*3211 Zimbabwe
Saeed Anwar188*3163 Pakistan
MS Atapattu216*4282 Sri Lanka
RP Arnold104*2312 Sri Lanka
Javed Omar85*168†3 Bangladesh
V Sehwag201*3291 India
SM Katich131*2683 Australia
CH Gayle165*3173 West Indies
Imran Farhat117*2231 Pakistan
R Dravid146*3002 India
TMK Mawoyo163*4121 Zimbabwe
DA Warner123*2334 Australia
CA Pujara145*3121 India
D Elgar118*2142 South Africa
KC Brathwaite142*3372 West Indies
AN Cook244*4912 England
D Elgar86*1774 South Africa


By Suhas Bengeri