Kohli hits back with an epic 153 to bring India back into the game…..


Just when we thought that the chips are down, SA will dominate the series and no batsman will be able to decode the deadly fast bowlers of SA, Kohli just managed to suprass our expectations. Honestly, even Kohli doesnt seem capable against quality fast bowlers and his high backlift even though today is working since he has strong reflexes and is young and energetic. But his upright stance and backlift will come in between his progress once he turns 35-36.

Despite Steyn missing the 2nd test which is a major plusfor India, India were still looking all set to again surrender to the pace attack of South Africa and were no doubt all set to be all out under 160-170runs. However, Kohli knew all he can do is go out and give his best. His best may not be enough, he may face some chin music but he knew he needs to shut the critics down including the writer who wrote this article!

Kohli went on to score a splendid 153 and brought India back into the game. though wickets were getting lost from the other end, but Kohli just played fearless cricket and honestly that was the only option left. Even though he has 211test hundreds till now but this one will be a really really special ton for him.

Infact this ton is equal to the last 10tons he has scored against batting friendly tailormade wickets in India against school level bowlers. With this ton he has definately proved that though he may not be as special as Dravid or Tendulkar or Ganguly, Laxman and Sehwag in overseas conditions, but he is definately strong enough to take the responsibility of being the captain of the National team and give his best all the time when he is at the crease.

And this is the quality of Kohli, deep down everyone hates him, no one loves him like the way we loved Sachin or Sehwag. We are deep down jealous of him too but you can’t ignore him and even if u ignore its not going to make a difference as he will keep on rising with his brash attitude, flamboyance and never give up approach.




Haineel Shah

Team Sportsnasha

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