Why Cricket helmets are out of stock?

 Cricket with Mamu Panwala

During my weekly visit to Pan shop yesterday, I had some interesting cricketing debate with Mamu Panwala. It made my tobacco less Poona Masala Pan taste like Banarasi masala. It went somewhat like this.

Mamu-  Aju Bhai Pan Mitha ke Sadha? (Sweet or simple )

Me-  Make sweet today.

Mamu- Ok. But tell me what is latest on cricket?

Me- Mamu You please tell what is the  reason of this big bandage on your head?

Mamu- Aju bhai I was playing a match after long time?

Me- Oh then?

Mamu- I was asked to open the innings?

Me- So what is so great about  it .

Mamu- The wicket was grassy and bouncy.

Me- So what. We used to play on matting wickets. And ball used to rise from good length like the one is rising in current Ashes Series. But tell me what happened to you.

Mamu- The new ball  was very hard and shining.

Me – New ball is always like that. Hard and shining.

Mamu-Aju bhai in addition to that bowler name was Steyn.

Me- So what? Name does not make the ball bounce.

Mamu- Not only that I had no concentration as I had not slept last night.

Me – So what. Virat also does not sleep whole night and plays great innings with full concentration. And as such now he is married , he won’t get a minute sleep also.

Mamu-  It’s not just that. Bowler was erratic and bowling short pitch stuff scaring me all the time.

Me- Do you expect fast bowlers to bowl lolypops?.

Mamu- That’s fine with me but I had to survive those blows on my hand neck shoulder arms and everywhere.

Me-So many Indians have taken that on body. From Gavaskar to  Sachin everyone gets those gifts . Nothing new in that Mamu. All is fair in love war and cricket.

Mamu- Aju bhai what nonsense ! Do you want me to die on the cricket ground?

Me-Mamu why you will die? Helmet is there no to protect.

Mamu-  That is what I am screaming?

Me- What? You did not have helmet?

Mamu- Aju bhai , I had but not cricket helmet.

Me-  Then you wearing skull cap like sunny or that Hat like Jimmy Amarnath which fell on wicket when he tried to hook.

Mamu –No . I wore a helmet.

Me- Then?

Mamu- Helmet was there but it was scooter helmet that too not with ISI mark.

Me- So what everyone wears non ISI helmet on scooter.

Mamu-On scooter its ok but not on grassy wicket.

Me-May be Mamu. But why you were not wearing proper cricketing helmet?

Mamu-What say Aju Bhai. I had gone for shopping a nice branded helmet for my match.

Me- Then what stopped you? Could you not afford it?

Mamu-I had taken lot of cash with me and in addition credit card also.

Me- Then why you did not buy. After all, your head though most of it empty, is important Mamu.

Mamu- All the shops selling cricket helmets had one board outside. OUT OF STOCK!

Me- Why because of GST?

Mamu – GST yes but not the tax. G-iven  S-old out for Africa T-our.

-Aju Deshpande

The article above is just a satirical one and does not intend to hurt or damage anybody’s feelings or reputation.