The Hitman Rohit & why he stands out amongst the rest……



Rohit is one cricketer on whom you can definitely make a biopic or write an autobiography. When he was 16 and struggling to even have proper cricketing kit and fees to train in the academies, it was his SVIS school principal Yogesh Patel who placed a bet on his future and sponsored his entire journey in cricket. That was an investment made by his school which they knew will turn out to be a big asset.

At a tender age of 17, Rohit was already distinguished amongst the rest of the boys. He had a certain amount of flair and elegance which kids of his age lacked. The cover drives he smashed, the sixes he would hit had a certain panache and style which was unmatched in his age group. Also he had that unmatchable hunger of scoring centuries and that too big centuries at the school and state level which raised his stakes at a very young age itself. That was also the reason, a lot of cricketing pundits placed bets on him to be the next big thing in Indian Cricket.

Yes, he is lazy at the start, he takes some amount of time to get his flexes active but once he gets going, there is no other sight as beautiful as watching him bat. Yes he looks ugly when he is not in that zone, yes he has the tendecny to get out quickly many a times but those are just the little flaws which gets dwarfed once he starts going. We all know Virat is all about stats, when you talk about elegance or beauty while batting, Virat does not stand in the league of Dravid, laxman, ponting or Azhar, his kiddish batting stance and textbook shots look like a aspiring kid playing at local level just hungry to pile runs. Its rightly said that stats does not define everything about a player and even though Rohit has just half the number of hundreds than Kohli in ODI’s, still you ask any kid or a player at the local level in any part of India on whom they look up to and 6 out of 10 people will vote for Rohit. It’s because of the class, the beauty and the sheer elegancy which he has once he gets into that zone. If there is one player whose batting class can be compared on par with the earlier legends like Sachin, Ponting or Lara, Rohit definitely stands in that league.

Also his ability to shift gears, hit big sixes or attack like a wolf is seen nowhere amongst his peers like Pujara, Rahane or Kohli. Even in the ODI against Sri Lanka at Mohali where he scored his 3rd ODI double on the day of his marriage anniversary which made her wife literally cry with emotions, he was on 116 off 128balls at one stage and from there he shifted gears and reached his double hundred in mere 153balls smashing 11sixes in the last 23balls he faced. His 2nd hundred came off mere 36deliveries and his last 84runs in just 25balls and that’s what makes him special.

He is not a run machine like Kohli who likes to mint hundreds and keep on adding it into his profile. He is not a calm head as Pujara or Rahane either but he is what is and he is the Hitman- Rohit Sharma! He can get out early 5-10times in a row, people may write him off, in fact many people termed him as the next Vinod Kambli as he average only 29 in his first 86ODI’s with a strike rate in 70’s in ODI’s. The biggest cricketing pundits 4-5yrs ago were saying that no doubt he is as talented as Sachin and more than Kohli but he is a destructive waste of talent and his career would end like Kambli. But look at him now and he has converted his weaknesses into strength and that’s the reason his career did not end like Kambli while he kept on progressing.

A major reason for that improvement should also go to Dhoni as all this happened only when Dhoni promoted him as an opener 4-5 years ago. Till then Rohit used to get chances at no.3, 4, 5 and 6 which were not apt for his class and hence average also remained in the lower 30’s or the higher 20’s. But since the day he was promoted as an opener, his batting average is almost 58 at a strike rate of 92 which means he is actually doing better than Kohli even if we take stats into consideration.

Lets wish Rohit ends his career with atleast 30ODI hundreds and now we are so much done with your double hundreds Rohit! We all know, it’s only you who can also score a tripe in ODI’s!




Haineel Shah


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