Real reason why Srilankan cricketers were wearing a mask !!!

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Cricket with Mamu Panwala.

During my weekly visit to Pan shop yesterday, I had some interesting cricketing debate with Mamu Panwala. It made my tobacco less Poona Masala Pan taste like Banarasi masala. It went somewhat like this.

Mamu-  Aju Bhai Pan Mitha ke Sadha ? (Sweet or simple )

Me-  Make sweet today.

Mamu- Ok. But tell me what is latest on cricket?

Me- Everything routine, Virat double ton, Vijay single ton, Rahane failing. But tell me why are you wearing mask?

Mamu- There is a reason  Aju bhai ! Just guess .

Me- Is it because you have converted to some other religion where they wear mask.

Mamu- Not at all! I am ok with my current religion.

Me- Then is it because you have some health problem that you are protecting yourself?

Mamu- No way! I am fine and fit and can even pass yo yo test which many cricketers fail.

Me- Then, is it due to reason that there is some epidemic in Mumbai which nobody knows, but only you know.

Mamu- There are many epidemics in Mumbai, which come and go. As such who bothers about epidemics in our country, we are all citizens of one of the most immune countries in the entire globe.

Me-  Then is it because you want to keep your mouth free from strong odour  of  pan masalas in your shop?

Mamu-All my pan masalas are imported and mild and not like perfumes which you buy from roadside to to conceal your no bath body odour .

Me- All my perfumes are imported and  gifted by my friends who have now stopped giving chocolates but perfumes which they get in a shaving kit in flight. Coming back to mask you are wearing, is it because you want Kohli to fight with you whenever he sees you with mask?

Mamu- No way. Virat will never fight with our own people, he picks up fight with opposite team that too with his bat.

Me- Is it because you are likely to travel to Delhi today, that you are wearing a mask ?

Mamu-  No Mamu. Why will I go to Delhi. I will go there only if they take me in cabinet  or India plays a world cup cricket final there at Kotla ground.

Me- Mamu then you must be crazy and trying to ape Lankan cricketers who are wearing mask, just to draw the test match  ?

Mmu- Don’t accuse me please, I am patriot and wont copy anyone . If I was growing beard then you can be sure that I am copying Virat,  without expecting a girlfriend like him. But I will never copy Sri-Lankan Players.

Me-Then please tell me why are you wearing a mask.

Mamu- Everyday you trouble me by putting a difficult question,  but today you have lost and unable to guess why I am wearing a mask.

Me-I can not think anymore . My mind is now anxious to know why you are wearing a mask.

Mamu-  Eat this one more masala pan and try.

Me- Mamu please tell me quickly, my wife must be waiting , today is her birthday and I have made biggest blunder of my life , forgot  it, she is already screaming at me from morning, I have to buy an expensive gift and please her somehow.

Mamu- Aju bhai , You are very close to answer.

Me-  Ohhhhhhhhhh! I understoooooooooood it now. Your wife is alsoooooo hotttt, I mean angry?.

Mamu – Very rare .

Me- You are extremely and oddly lucky if she gets rarely angry .

Mamu- Aju Bhai, in fact very rare that  she is not angry . So I got idea from great and intelligent Srilankan players . I bought mask for my wife.

Me- But why you are wearing it ?

Mamu- I am just testing it before I put it on her .

Me-Nice idea. I will go and buy one for my wife. I am really amazed to find that  after wearing a mask your otherwise irritating  voice is sounding quite tolerable.

Mamu- But mask for whom?  you will buy Aju bhai?

Me- Birthday gift. Ofcourrrrrrssssse for my EVER COOOOOOOL wife.

Mamu- Srilankans might have also bought the masks for same reason, which they might be using against India. But mind well the mask you are buying for wife may tear apart soon……Kya bolta tu…………….

-Aju Deshpande

The article above is just a satirical one and does not intend to hurt or damage anybody’s feelings or reputation.


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