Virat- A Prodigy of Cricket

Pic courtesy – Prakash Parsekar
An enthusiast called and asked “Two tickets for today’s ODI! What say?”
I asked “How much each “
“Two thousand bucks each” He was quick
I was unsure  ” Can’t afford”
‘It could be one more boring day’s cricket was my mediocre prediction.
The hell with me. I had added one more to uncountable blunders in life.
Today was Virat’s day. One more ‘Ten to Five’ for him maybe. Wankhede stadium had forgotten their all-time favorite chanting chorus. Sunil which went on to become Sachin Sachin…No Mumbaikar would have ever imagined a boy from Delhi could replace the GOD Sachin in Arti with God Virat.
The arrogance of Mumbai pride busted and once for all by this Delhi marvel.
The way the change has occurred is amazing. It has happened without violence off the field in a very a democratic way. The pretty looking violence with the bat by this kiddish man on the field.
A bearded flamboyant tattooed boy of Capital had captured the crowd of Khadoos Mumbai as easily as a one of those quick single run scored.
Bearded wonder from North, of this cricket crazy nation built his innings, while other side was looking vulnerable to underestimated  Kiwi pacers.
Not to mention how Virat scored one more ton. It was routine Viv Richards like stroke play. In  the list of top century makers, he is only next to Master Blaster Sachin with 31 ODI hundreds.
 Curvy shouldered Virat stands out on the list with an astonishing average of 55, next best is something 44. Glimpses of how much Don Bradman would have averaged, had he played one day.
Boy ! Yes, he is still a boy aged 28 and the Cluster Blaster a higher degree of Master Blaster has arrived.
Once a Bollywood actor said. ” Your veins on the throat need to be prominently visible to let audience know your intensity in acting”
The protruding veins on his arm just reflect his unlimited strength. Everyone could see them when he raised his bat to acknowledge the applauds from mesmerized Mumbai crowd.
Man,(a right adjective T describe this boy ) plays with accelerating energy.The more he is on field more energy he emits. The energy gets transferred all over the ground like an uncontrollable forest fire.
Talking about some exclusive batsmanship, one must say, he has so many strength areas. He controls shot with the wrist, he directs shots with the wrist, he finds gaps with the wrist, and he stumps the bowler with straight six hit using the wrist. He has so many more power centers in his body which he does not use. Maybe he has kept shoulders, arms as substitutes.He might explore their strength in times to come, maybe.
 It’s a display of delicate strength. It’s a show of artistic power, it’s a skill of sweet smashing.
Virat you are fittest top class consistently performing man, perhaps cricket has ever produced.
There was a girl holding a banner in a stadium “Oxygen is for you, Virat is for me”
“She was not overstating. ” Crowd in the stadium would not dare disagree.
A two thousand rupee note in my pocket had infinite value, I failed to measure.
Now it looks like a two rupee note in my pocket.
Aju Deshpande for sportsnasha.

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