U 17 world.cup Football updates

Match 2 Paraguay vs New Zealand
Paraguay beat the kiwis 4-2 in the second match of the evening to lead Group B with 6 points.
The kiwis were lead by Elijah Just in the absence of their regular skipper Max Mata who picked up two yellow cards in the last match against Turkey. The all blacks punched above their weight to score twice in the first half.
The kiwis got a taste of some latino heat just as the match began.
Paraguay stunned the All blacks with a goal in the 2nd minute of the match, when mid fielder Alan Rodriguez scored off a free kick. The dead ball specialist’s left footer bent in sharply over Kiwi goalkeeper Jacob Clark. David Beckham would have felt proud if he had seen it.
The kiwi goalkeeper made a daring save in the 10th minute when he defeated two Paraguayan forwards to deflect the ball away. The all blacks got the equalizer in the 20th minute via a self goal, the deflection came of Paraguayan captain Alexis Duarte. The kiwis took the lead in the 33rd minute with a brilliant run by the all blacks resulted in another self goal by Paraguayan captian Alexis. Paraguay were a bit stunned with those self goals as the kiwis lead 2-0 at half time.
Paraguay tried hard in the second half to create chances but could not execute their set pieces. The kiwis defended well further frustrating the South Americans.
Brian Odjeda picked a yellow card in the 6th minute, Roberto Fernandez in the 57th minute and Leonardo Sanchez in the 83rd minute as the South Americans roughed up the kiwis.
Leonardo Sachez missed a sitter in the 73rd minute as he miscued a kick with no one in front, but the very next minute substitute Anibal Vega beat Jacob Clarke to get the equalizer for Paraguay.
Vega struck again in the 78th minute with a sliding deflection to take the lead. The latino game blossomed and the kiwi shoulders started to droop. But the kiwis made a last ditched effort ias they came close to an equalizer in the 90th minute. Substitute Blas Amora put the icing on the cake with a goal in the dying moments to take Paraguay ahead 4-2.
Paraguay coach was happy that his team did not lose steam after conceding two goals. The kiwi coach Danny Hay was upbeat about the his boys were on a learning curve and competing with top class teams.
Paraguay now lead group B with 6 points followed by Mali.
Paraguay will take on Turkey in their last league match here on the 12th October. USA who lead group A will take on Columbia .

Pankaj Athwale


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