Inaugural Function- Briddge Training

Invitation to Heads of Schools and colleges for Inaugural Function

“Bridge” a game is regarded as a card game played by the elites as ‘Pass Time’ activity. This misconception about this wonderful game is with most of the educated mass of our society. Some even brand it as a game of gambling.  But, in reality the game of “Bridge” is a Mind Game.  It has been recognized and included in the annual programme by the World Mind Game Federation. It is observed that this game improves communication skills, Logical thinking, Ability to adapt and change based on the situation.  It also helps young kids to improve their I.Q. and assist elders to control the progress of Alzheimer

This game is already included in commonwealth games for last few years and from 2018, for the first time it will be included in Asian Games.  In our country, the Bridge federation of India (B.F.I.) is apex body for the game at national level and is duly recognised by the Department of Sports, Government of India.  B.F.I.  is member of Indian Olympic Association.

You may perhaps be aware that krida Shakha of Lokamanya Seva Sangh has undertaken lot of initiatives in the past for the promotion of this game. We have been conducting open tournaments, providing facilities for playing the game of competitive Bridge to our members all the year round on Sundays and Holidays. We had also conducted couple of coaching classes in the past.

BFI has decided to take up Bridge Education activity in a big way and therefore have agreed to lend their support to our institution.  A training centre, duly recognised by the BFI will be started by our institution. BFI will provide the course contents and issue certificates to trainees. Besides, it will also give accreditation to our teachers who will be training at our centre. We propose to start our first training programme from 15thNovember 2017.

As a precursor to commencement of the training programme, we are holding a function to inaugurate our Centre of Excellence for Bridge at P.L.deshpande Hall on 12th November at 10.30 AM. The centre will be housed at  ‘Nadakarni Kendra’ of our institution.

May we request your August presence on this occasion to bless our efforts.  We are sending few posters about the training programme starting on 1st November. We request you to display this posters at appropriate location and give due publicity to our training programme amongst your students and staff.  In fact, if interested students / staff could attend the inauguration on 12th November 2017 they would get a good initiation on Bridge from experts on that day.


Bridge Federation of India and Lokmanya Seva Sangh

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