Purnima Rane wins 3 medals in Malysian International Open Championship

Mrs. Purnima Rane, working in police department has made India, Maharashtra and Mumbai Proud by winning 3 bronze medals in 31st Malaysian International Open Championship on 22nd and 23rd July.

“I saw many women and men of age above 80, even 100 years of age competing at Athletics Championship at Malaysia. They were not at all worried about hear attack or any injury. Seeing them I felt why I can’t.” Purnima was beaming with excitement she felt ¬†about enthusiasm and international fitness level at Malaysian Veterens Athletics meet in last month (July-17).

Doing her duties as a house wife and doing job in police department , she managed to do her fitness in police department gym and practice on RCF ground , she has managed to win 3 bronze medals in long jump, high jump and shot put in the age group of 50 -54. Indeed a proud moment for all of us as she has done it at this age and with no coaching and no financial assistance. We urge Maharashtra government to kindly recognise such athletes and encourage them. This will encourage more and more girls to look at sports as career and being more medals to our country and also to have an ideal sports culture.

“I did not have any coach nor any kitrainer” Purnima does not grim but tells with sadness.

There are many Purnimas like this who are extremely talented but with lack of support, publicity and proper training could achieve far more than what they have.



Click to watch her interview


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