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During my weekly visit to Pan shop yesterday, I had some interesting cricketing debate with Mama Panwala. It made my tobacco less Poona Masala Pan taste like Banarasi masala . It went some what like this…. Mama–  Aju Bhai Pan Mitha ke Sadha ? (Sweet or simple )

Me–  Make mitha (sweet) only Mama. And make it quickly, I have to go for Ganesh darshan at friend’s place.

Mama– Why so early? Why not wait for some time, have a chat and go.

Me- Ok. As you wish. Did you see yesterday’s one day against Lanka?

Mama– Yes ofcourse.  After seeing the match I felt ‘Why MSD should retire if still he can win matches for India?’ Am I right?

Me– Why means?? There is a reason Mama which everyone must realize.

Mama– What for? Is it because he is slow in scoring runs?

Me–  No Mama. He is not slow at all  , he plays slow when required to play slow and plays fast when required to do so. There is a reason for which he must quit.

Mama–   Do you think he should quit because he is thirty six years of age?

Me– His age may be 36 but his stamina is of 24 and chest is of 56, I mean inches.

Mama– So you mean, he can be symbolized with  36- 24 -56 figure.  .

Me- Not figure Mama .He can be icon for 36-24-56 wala Jigar. But do not divert the topic. Tell me why he should hang his shoes?

Mama- He should hang his shoes along with wicket keeping gloves and even socks as they might have become too old and even torn. By the way MSD should retire only because he is not running as fast as he was earlier, between the wickets.

Me- He runs fast still, more than anybody else even Kohli loses breathe while running between the wickets if MSD is at other end. MSD is still fastest runner between the wickets  and behind the wickets as well. And if running between the wickets is criteria then many in team will have to retire.

Mama- Then why he should quit? Do you think he should say bye,  because his sixes do not reach boundary now and fall short of ropes like Shahid Afridi’s sky  high hits.

Me- Mama, so many matches he wins on last ball six. And his hits still go beyond not only the ropes but also stadium. Once he tried to hit six on score of ninety plus and got out. “I wanted to hit ball out of stadium” he told captain, who asked him ‘why so hurry to reach hundred?’ These are rare occasions when he got out buthe  still has bull’s power that is definitely not the reason for MSD to retire.

Mama– Then why Aju Bhai? Why he should retire? Is it because he has replacement in waiting in form of Saha who is batting and keeping well?

Me- Saha is ok for Test but for shorter formats MSD is our best bet. That is not t all the point. He should retire keeping in mind some other logic.

Mama– What logic? I never found any logic working in life. Only illogical things happen in this world. Do you want MSD to retire just because he has achieved everything including World Cup win?

Me-  No Yar. World cup win he achieved for Sachin and only Sachin. And whole world knows that. If Sachin did not want it then probably India might not have won it.  I want you to give another try , why he should say bye bye.

Mama–   After seeing yesterday’s match, where all our batsmen got out to that novice leg spinner from Sri Lanka,  I am upset, especially the way Virat Kohli was bowled, I am unable to think anything . Any way. Why are you not going Mama? You have to go for Ganesh darshan, no? You only told me when you came.

MeYou said it Mama. When I came you said Why not wait? Now you are saying Why are you not going? Same thing Vijay Merchant , our ex Test Star had said once. One must go when people ask ‘Why you are going?’ and not “Why you are not going?”

Mama–  Aju Bhai, I totally agree with Vijay Merchant . But before going take one more Pan specially made for you.

Me- Your special Pan is like world cup win  for me Mama. Finally, I will go now! Before you throw me out.



Aju Deshpande


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