India makes hay while Sun shines…..By Aju Deshpande


India beat Sri Lanka once again to clinch series 2 nil

How India won is just for record as anyway we were going to.

Some significant points to ponder over this win

Rahane, Pujara and company made merry but did use opportunity well to insure against tough opponents and improve their averages and it’s not their fault.

Jadeja has shown he has something in him that helps keep filling his bag of wickets more quickly than others and getting wickets and bowling great spells are two different things. Always great spells don’t give wickets and wickets are not due to great spells . And Jadeja is a player exactly opposite of Maninder Singh, the more he was praised.less he took wickets and less Jadeja gets appreciated more scalps he grabs.

Kohli might have failed in the match but he will play against best in the world and will matter more for India then, not now.

Sri Lanka needs to revamp their team and approach massively and it will take a decade before Arjuna is reborn to rebuild and revive Lankan cricket.

Sri Lanka needs to tour more in non Asian countries and that is true for us as well.

The victory against Lanka is a good moral booster for Ravi Virat combination but victory in South Africa in January next will authenticate and be applauded . Especially their strategy planning and coordinated effort will be tested more vigorously .

And in the last Test why not experiment with young boys who are no 12, 13 , 14 now.




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  1. Exactly Sir…SL series isn’t not so significant. SA, Aussies, Pakis are real blood

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