A deep concern related to Grass Root Sports which asks for everyone’s attention!




Every week end we read news of a trek being organised by few business minded people and then participants are making a mockery by playing loud music , taking selfies and at times even getting drunk. But despite this, there is a tremendous response to such treks and a sort of craze can be seen among youngsters. But in this we also observe that purists in trekking are deeply hurt by this trend where historic places are getting converted to picnic spots.

Same type of hype is seen in weekly marathons and half marathons etc organised by corporates, pumping money into these events and getting celebrities for opening session and thereby again getting huge response.

But here one thing strikes our mind that there are small time organizers whose budget is not big , but are passionate about running and such events. But unfortunately those working in MNCs and earning huge packages are reluctant to help these small scale organisers and passionate sport lovers. Take cricket and you will find most of the grounds will be booked by corporates for exhorbitant rents and depriving young budding cricketers to play in a tournament which will help these youngsters an opportunity to showcase their talent. Geting medal and certificate from organisers and putting those photographs on social media is no doubt a good thing to get more publicity and more awareness about fitness but at the same time think of those small organizers also.

Give your time, money to them also. Encourage them. We at www.sportsnasha.com are here to encourage sports at grassroot level. Anyone who participates in a local cricket tournament, marathon or local tournament of any sports, email us photograph or video at sportsnasha@gmail.com.

One small article, one act of encouragement will keep these organisers going and serve the community. All celebrities also do not think of the scale of event or budget. You already are a star and you have received enough publicity and money, now think of these grass root sportsmen and lend a hand.
Government also should note that these big events may be money making events but all these events going on at grassroot level are loss making and organisers are putting their money to conduct the event. These days ground rentals are exhorbitant and all these organisers are losing hope to bring that event to break even.
Through Sportanasha, we have seen hundreds of such passionate sportslovers and one by one we will try to highlight their efforts through this movement.


Rajesh Deo



www.sportsnasha.com is a venture of SRC SPORTSNASHA ADVISORS PVT LTD. It is a website dedicated to all sports at all levels. The mission of website is to promote grass root sports.

One thought on “A deep concern related to Grass Root Sports which asks for everyone’s attention!

  • August 21, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    I am very glad You have highlighted this
    Issue, Rajesh Saheb. There are so many
    promising youngsters who are denied
    the opportunity to showcase their talents
    becsuse of the lack of financial resources.

    A friend of mine from Vasai, Mr. Bosco
    Metro, who worked with Kiran and
    myself, for Union Bank coaches youngsters
    from his area. Should he have some
    Photos or Videos of some of his matches,
    I will surely send them to You.

    Wish You success in this endeavour.


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