Stray thoughts – Aju Deshpande


Now with focus shifting from mens cricket to women’s cricket few Stray Thoughts for you once again.

Like India is playing well in women’s world cup is worth praising and more worth reading than Indian men playing in West Indies.

Like I do not know who is coach for Women’s team and who is coach of men’s team now and that doesn’t matter.

Like coach can only remind players that they have to practice and they have to focus not more not less .

And I do not feel coach played any role in India’s first win in Test abroad in 1971 or India’s first world cup win in 1983.

Like cricket in West Indies is like peace in Kashmir, never will it be same as it was in seventies.

Like in West Indies there are no spectators in stadium even for one day matches is more alarming than their team not performing .

And like if you ask me to choose between. India West Indies match and Kanga cricket in Mumbai I would watch later.

And like I had a misconception that cricket is the only business in West Indies and no cricket means no income for their country or rather group of countries.

Like for cricket it’s bad time for each country as Aussies have contract issue, New Zealand has performance issue, England have short format team building issue, Srilanka has fitness issue , India have coach issue, South Africa has choking issue and West Indies has extinction issue.

And like only country which has faced multi issues for years, on and off the field, suddenly has no issue and that is Pakistan.

And that now the focus is going to shift from Cricket to Tennis in England, it’s going to be a gala time for Sports crazy people and beer time for English Spectators.

And like for one more year no Indian male getting qualified for Wimbledon is quite hurting and here matters coaching not in cricket.

And like what is coaching is now shown by Gopi chand and he deserves more than Rs.six crores per year rather than a cricket coach.

And like Kidambi Srikanth has just begun creating history by winning two super series titles in badminton is India’s super sportsman of the month and importantly he is not a pampered cricketer .

And that great Becker has become bankrupt is a bad news is worth attempting a research on if not mind boggling.

With a prediction that artist Federer will have a tough time in Wimbledon, overcoming challenge of other over-thirty greats, see you next week with more volleys on sports other than cricket.


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