Stray Thoughts – 16.7.17

Few sportingly stray thoughts for one more sunday for passionate sports freaks.

Like it’s one more Wimbledon coming to an end with Venus Williams losing to Spain’s Muguruza and missing a chance to make veterans proud by becoming oldest winner in Finals.

And like Federer reaching finals,if wins, would be his 101st title in all forms of Tennis, is as big achievement as Sachin’s hundred centuries and these are title wins and not just statistical records.

Like Federer has already 18 grand slam titles in his pocket including six in a row at Wimbledon, one more than great Borg, who took 5 in a row and was as cool as Roger and it’s a lesson to learn , be cool be timeless.

Like it is impossible to beat records of Federer but again nothing is impossible in War and sports is also a war though sans violence.

And like watching Federer is like watching artist and whatever advancement in technologies and power and speed of game, artists like Roger Federer will always rule hearts and bring crowds.

And that once again no Indian has made mark in singles at Wimbledon, Vijay Amrutraj a two time quarter finalist at Wimbledon and US open,continues to be a greatest star of Indian Singles Tennis, notwithstanding Paes and Bhupati winning thirty plus grand slam titles between them.

And that there is huge difference in Winning doubles and winning singles, in a crude way difference as big as being a film star and a TV star.

And that only interesting news in cricket nowadays is of selection of coach and nothing else and in my entire life span I have not seen so much fuss for off the field cricket news not even for appointment of a captain.

And like appointment of Shastri as head coach implies Zaheer Khan and Dravid are his assistants and that may not be understandable either to fans of Rahul or Rahul himself.

And like England has beaten South Africa hands down in first Test is no big upset though Zimbabwe beating Srilanka is surely a pleasant shock in a small cricketing world .

And like good news is Indian Women are playing well in world cup cricket are making headlines and getting as much coverage in media if not more than Indian men who played in West Indies recently.

With a common sense prediction, Federer will win this Wimbledon and retire from Tennis, see you next week with more sporting thoughts.



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– Aju Deshpande


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  1. One more artist of game of Cricket was Mark Waugh.. He was terned as Plastic Surgeon n Steve was termed as Heart Surgeon. Thaughts are Stray but very Fresh.

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