Curious case of Pep Guardiola


It all began in 2009 when football world first took notice of Pep Guardiola after he won treble with Barcelona in his first season only.Barcelona dominated world football from there on for long time and it was their style of play which got eveyone talking. He bought revolution to the game of football which was applauded by all. His philosophy is famously known as tiki-taka i.e possession football combined with quick pressing,wingbacks high up the pitch and demanding positional play. Barcelona were almost unstoppable under Guardiola and his record of 14 trophies in four seasons made him the most successful coach in Barcelona’s history.
Then in 2013 he went to Bayern Munich where he won a total of seven trophies. Although bayern appointed Guardiola to ensure European success which he was not able to do. Last year he was named new manager of Manchester City and was able to guide them to third place finish. He himself later called his first season at City as ‘disaster’.
 Pep Guardiola is a man of principles. His teams never seem to change thier playing style much. It’s all about keeping possession, high defensive line which makes them vulnerable against counter attacking football. Over the years his opponents started to study his teams well. At Bayern and Manchester City he used many formations from 3-4-3 to 4-1-2-3 but possession football was his main priority. His teams often suffer when opponents sit back, get men behind the ball and hit them on counter attack. At Barcelona he had Lional Messi who unlocked many defences on his own with his dribbling abilities. At Bayern and City he never had player of Messi’s stature who can win games on his own.
Guardiola has stated many times that he won’t change his philosophy. He is now focusing on transformation of City and is busy buying players who will suit his style. Can Manchester City be successful under Guardiola? Only time Will tell.

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