Volleyball special!

Aniket Masih
Here is the story of grit, dedication & hardwork, the journey of a boy from the Central suburb of HVMumbai, climbing his way to making a mark in a sport not extremely popular but soon gaining great recognition.
In an era, when majority of the students focused in building their skills, talent and name in sports and games which are hugely recognised, Aniket masih chose to excel in a path less travelled.
It was easier to choose track and field, volleyball or any other sport which was recognised, Aniket under the guidance of her sports teacher / coach and school administrators followed the guidance to pursue her hardwork and train in Tennis Volleyball.
Coming from a humble family where academics is perceived more important than sports, he   had to fight the resistance from his family to choose sports & tennis volleyball as an area of interest.
He did this with his hard work and performance on the field winning medals & recognition for the school he represented. Starting at the school level, Aniket ’s achievement include winning the trophy for the school at the State and District level and there on representing and winning medals at the National Tennis Volleyball Championship held in Jalgoan[Maharashtra]
Silent, hard working , dedicated and determined on his mental strength, Aniket today has been selected  to represent India, in the International Tennis Volleyball championship to be held in Nepal.
Below are his list of Achievements
1. Represented India in worlds games and secured first position in Tennis volleyball .
2. All India championship held at Delhi won 1 place in volleyball.
3. 18th Maharashtra state tennis volleyball championship held at Nashik won 2nd place
4. 18th Senior and Veteren Tennis Volleyball National Championship 2017 held at Jalgaon. won and place
6. Represented  School at national level many times.
7. Represented  Maharashtra  in 19th youth national volleyball championship held at Jaipur [Rajasthan]
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