Stray Thoughts – Aju Deshpande Dt. 03-06-2017

Now with  championships Trophy  already started  occupying space in mind a few stray thoughts for you.
Like Bangladesh scored 300 plus and lost to England easily, neither due to Root’s heroics nor due to a flat surface, it was just that England had good day .
Like New Zealand missing a win against Aussies was just a bad day for them .
And like  India likely to win against Pak according to past record and Pakistan has all the qualities to lose not only against India but against any nation inspite of their good  bowling attack.
And like Mr Guha of BCCI has created a storm against all biggies in cricket and has shown unprecedented guts in speaking against them.
And that he need not have resigned as it means he has played a bad shot after hitting a six.
And that the names in his hit list are all top players, it’s like all top leaders being prosecuted for Babri demolition, though in both the cases crime is not proved and not likely to be proved.
And one valid point Guha made was about MSD contract and that too won’t have any effect on MSD’s cricketing or financial fortunes.
And like in India there are only two types of people superstars and others.
And those who fall in later categories are always accountable and formers are never .
And like Lodha Committee has belled the cat but this  cat BCCI will never get caught and will be bailed out.
And like it’s going to be a lot of exciting cricket in week ahead, with newspapers not knowing what to publish,publish more of sports on the field or sports off the field.
And like if India wins Trophy all the controversies will get a final burial and every one including Kumble will escape the axe.
See you next week, with few more stray and not-so-champion thoughts .

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One thought on “Stray Thoughts – Aju Deshpande Dt. 03-06-2017

  • June 6, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    Great Job Aji Sir.. Waiting next week for your great thoughts in stray mode.

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