A few Stray Thoughts 17.6.17

Now that the biggest  cricket extravaganza is slated for tomorrow between one so called progressively developing country called India and another so called developing  country called Pakistan ,  a few stray thoughts for you.

Like according one school of thoughts, all matches in Champions trophy were fixed and they are the set of people who have watched all matches ball by ball except some of them who have not watched them at all.
Like according to some, its wrong to think that matches were fixed and these are the group of people who have faith in not only cricket but cricketers and administration as well and they are also right and have right to say so.
And then there are some who don’t talk about fixing but only about cricket and are genuinely in love of game more than anything even more than  their  near ones and dear ones.
And that there is one group who says, there is only spot fixing and not match fixing,  who also have a point which can not be undermined.
And that there is one group which feels matches are fixed by administration to fill stadiums and inflate TV rights fees, which is also a debatable issue and can have valid base.
And like there is one group which does not like cricket, does not understand cricket , does not watch cricket  and still talks about cricket and fixing in cricket just as if it is part of their GK paper curriculum.
And like all school of thoughts have one point in common I suppose, i.e. all these setting things are an effort to have India Pakistan final and after that there is no setting as there can not be setting in affairs pertaining to war and no betting in affairs of love.
And like India Pakistan match is life and death for every Indian and Pakistani watching it live on TV and in stadium.
And that, looking at stadiums in England, it could soon be said what once British said “Sun never sets in India or Pakistan ”  as such wherever you go from US to UK you can see  only Indians or Pakistanis.
See you next week with few more flexibly fixed stray  thoughts, till then enjoy sweets of one more stunning  victory by team Kohli.
– Aju Deshpande


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  • June 19, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    Great Thaughts ..! Great Job.. Aju Sir..

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