Pakistan crushes Poms- By Aju Deshpande

♦When Imran retires Akram is born, when Akram storm exits waqar makes waves and when waqar wave recedes Asif sunami arrives and so on …., these Pakistani pacers or even spinners simply are the most resistant species who can mushroom faster and multiply quickly and infinitely. We critics often underestimate their might and get slapped regularly by their on field heroics. We suffer from syndrome called compulsive presumysis. We the self proclaimed cricket experts time and again get wrong by assuming things in cricket, like Pakistan is the weakest side, England is unbeatable , Aussies are invincible etc etc .
Pakistan, the street fighters bunch , has once again bounced back in a big tournament like ICC Champions Trophy as surprisingly as giants like South Africa and Australia have perished . And mind well this bouncing back business is their old profession . They have beaten convincingly England in Semi Final.Poor Poms looked like a side which was determined not to score runs and had practiced how not to take wickets. On the other hand our ever irritating neighbours seemed to be doing everything as per plans with supreme command their military generals would envy for.
Now warning you all in the best interest of religion called cricket. Please do not plan a sunday get together with friends for watching India Pak final till last ball of Semi against hungry Bengal Tigers is bowled .
Thursday movie is not yet released and Bangla Desh is not England . Keeping fnigures crossed is what we must do today and go to bed.Good night friends digesting Pak win might take more than twelve  hours. See you tomorrow.

But sorry guys ! Once again tempted to be a master astrologer of cricketing fortunes. If it’s India Pak final then we are once again going to enjoy sunday dinner with Pakistani chutney made in Indian grinder.

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