क्रिकेट विथ मामा पानवाला 

During my weekly visit to Pan Shop yesterday, I had some interesting cricketing debate with Mama Panwala. It made my tobacco less Poona Masala Pan taste like Banarasi masala . It went somewhat like this….

Mama–  Aju Bhai Pan Mitha ke Sadha ? (Sweet or simple )

Me– Make mitha (sweet) only Mama.

Mama– Tell me one thing Aju Bahi, why India lost to Pakistan?

Me– It is so so so so simple I guess !  Cricket experts were telling after the match why India lost. You must know Mama.

Mama– Was it because Ashwin bowled badly that we lost?

Me–  No friend. Ashwin gave 70 odd runs but  bowled full ten overs and saved the day! Actually the way he was bowling he saved fifty odd more runs.

Mama–  Is it because Bumrah bowled that no ball to Fakhar?

Me– No way Mama. If it he had bowled genuine ball,  Fakhar would have hit him for four.

Mama– Then was it because Kedar Jadhav did not get his quota of overs?

Me-  No. Mama. Kedar can’t always  produce his heroic spells  in over arm bowling cricket. In underarm cricket championship he can be star bowler of course.

Mama- Then was it because Rohit Sharma was out early?

Me- No Mama ! Rohit was in hurry to pack up and go on long vacation as he has been dropped for West Indies tour. Every time Rohit need not be troubled to score.

Mama- Then was it because Virat did not bat to his potential!

Me- Virat can’t always win for India, there were so many others in team who should also perform and look like angry smart hero Virat. Virat was missing his girlfriend Anushka also.

Mama– Was Dhoni also missing his girl friend, he at least should have played his trademark innings as  he never misses an opportunity.

Me- Dhoni does not have girlfriend. He is having good married life with ever supporting legal wife and very few miss their wife as much as girlfriends Mama.

Mama– So what is the prime cause of such a huge unbearable, intolerable and real surgical strike by our arch rivals?

Me- Mama, you have become dumb after India’s loss and you are not able to think or not able to analyze India’s defeat as properly as so many Indian expert commentators did after the match. Did you listen to them?

Mama-  Aju bhai , you please tell me what was their  whole and sole conclusion on our loss?  I was annoyed and frustrated after we lost and switched off TV immediately. No question of listening to EK FUL DO MALI, I mean Mayanti Langer and other two ex-cricketers.

Me- Oh! I thought you have heard our great commentators Sunny and  Ravi  who were devastatingly dangerous one day players of that era. I switched off TV as soon as  Virat won toss and asked Pakistan to bat.

Mama-  Why didn’t  Dhoni himself go for toss ? As such in entire Pakistani innings, he was the one setting fields, while Virat was seen biting his nails after every boundary.

-Aju Deshpande



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