5 Essential basics for your sports Fitness as discussed in Universal Sports Forum!

Universal Sports Forum is not just a forum. It’s a power to bring all sports freaks together. It always has something new to offer and the quality of speakers make the meetings quite informative and worth to budding sportsmen or sports lovers. One such meeting was conducted recently and the topic was – Sports fitness.

An hour-long panel discussion led to the understanding of the importance of fitness in sports which can be summarized in five main points:

  • Human muscle has a memory –  It does not forget the sports you play for long. Even if one stops playing a sport for years and restart again, our body picks up the sport fast. It’s a muscle memory. Therefore, even if you stop playing a certain sport, be it due to any reason, it is never too late to get back to playing that sport again.
  • Training regime differs from person to person –Training program isn’t different for people in different sports. There should be variations in exercises. Nowadays people opt not to go the gym just for exercise as the exercises become monotonous.
  • Healthy diet is crucial for a sportsperson –  carbohydrates and mainly proteins should be the main source on intake for an individual. Also, it is advisable for an individual to join a gym only after the age of 14 years as the body is not fully developed till that age and could cause serious injury to youngsters.
  • Take up a short course on sports fitness – Provides knowledge about nutrition, strength and conditioning, anatomy and biomechanics benefits a fitness-focused person in the long-run.
  • Mental health is as important as physical health – both these aspects of fitness go together. At least 8 hours of sleep is must for any sportsman to recover from the wear and tear of the body and that’s extremely crucial for better concentration and fitness on the field.


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