Interview of Abhishek Nayar at Venus Academy Mumbai

Cricket is a funny game . It can make somebody star overnight or put into oblivion a potentially class player. Injuries are culprit many a times.

Abhishek Nayar of Mumbai  is one such talent who could have been as useful as Kedar Jadhav or Hardik Pandya  for one day cricket.
Abhishek who has turned around many lost  matches for Mumbai into victories and also made a mark in  IPL,  is trying hard to come back and play for Indian Team after injury.
He is extremely fit and has a cool head on his strong shoulder. spoke to him at a Prize Distribution of Lashkaria Little Champ League organised by Dinesh Rao (and his team led by Jay Kapoor of  Sports Life) at various venues in Mumbai recently.
Abhishek was candid and straight. He looked passionately committed for Mumbai cricket.
Rajesh Deo of Sportsnasha had nice discussion with him about how one should build a career in sport and other interesting aspects of Indian Cricket.
Watch Video below and give your precious comments.



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