“Cricket with Mama Panwala”- Aju Deshpande

During my weekly visit to Pan shop yesterday I had some interesting cricketing debate with Mama Panwala. It made my tobacco less Poona Masala Pan taste like Banarasi masala . It went some what like this..

Mama–  Aju Bhai Pan Mitha ke Sadha ? (Sweet or simple )

Me–  Make mitha (sweet) Mama.

Mama– Tell me one thing Aju Bahi, how is it that Dhoni always plays when needed ?

Me– I don’t know Mama. But one thing I know he plays best in last few overs. May be ball becomes bigger in shape in last over and he sees the ball best when last over is bowled.

Mama– Does that mean he does not see ball in first fifteen overs of T-20.

Me– No Mama. He sees the ball but he does not see the boundry ropes properly.

Mama– Why he needs to see ropes? He needs to see ball only.

Me– May be he gives other player a chance to use the bat more  and he loves to take singles and give strike to others.

Mama– Does it mean that he settles down and then starts smashing?

Me– No it does not mean like that. He is already settled when he comes to wicket rather he looks calm as if  settled even in his married life also .

Mama–  I think he likes to make match interesting and then win so that he gets all the credit and others get all the criticism.

Me- No Mama he is not selfish at all, it is his style nothing else. In fact he enjoys media, team owner’s bashing also. He enjoys everything that comes his way. He is real Guru of psychology, better than many Gurus who preach something and do something else .

Mama- But if every one plays like MSD for last over  then India will lose Champions trophy.

Me– No Mama. In Champions Trophy Kohli will win match in forty overs only, so no need of anybody to play at all.

Mama– But Kohli played badly in IPL.

Me- He was in bad company of  foreign stars, who just play to make money. Kohli is patriotic Indian, so he does not give hundred percent in IPL, which is not so patriotic tournament. And moreover, Mallya was not there watching RCB matches. So all RCB players played casually, as if they were unpaid and neglected pilots of Kingfisher.

Mama– But in England what guarantee Kohli will play and finish matches in forty overs in cloudy climate where ball swings a lot?

Me- Kohli is a master batsman of swing bowling and he will show Mallya that he can play big shots and impress him so that RCB will retain him for next year and pay him more than highest paid IPL player Stokes.

Mama– But does Mallya have money to pay RCB players ?

Me– Mallya had so much money that he could take bail in lesser time than Salman Khan took for securing bail with highest paid  lawyer of India . So you can imagine how much cash he has?

Mama– Oh! But does he own RCB?

Me– I don’t know about RCB, but he is selling Kingfisher brand. Shall we buy?

Mama– Aju Bhai, how can a PANWALA buy it?.

Me– Nobody is ready to buy , they may sell it off for price of  Ghutka pouch.

Mama –  Really! Out of pouch idea. We will buy it . Then RCB IPL team will be owned by Mama Panwala and it will become MPB  ie Mama Panwala Banglore.

Me- This is called idea Mama ji….Jio…..Mama…Panwala….



Aju Deshpande



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