Lowest scoring teams in IPL history


IPL witnessed lowest score & that too from RCB team. They were having 3 batsmen who have century in T20 format. It is an irony that they broke record for lowest total.

Here is list of lowest scores:

TeamScoreOvers OppositionDate
RCB499.4v KKR23-Apr-17
Royals5815.1v RCB18-Apr-09
KKR6715.2v Mum Indians16-May-08
RCB7015v Royals26-Apr-14
Kochi7416.3v Chargers27-Apr-11
Super Kings7915.2v Mum Indians05-May-13
Daredevils8019.1v Sunrisers04-May-13
Royals8115.2v KKR17-Apr-11
Chargers8218.3v RCB24-Apr-10
RCB8215.1v KKR18-Apr-08
Daredevils8317.3v Super Kings18-Apr-13
Daredevils8415.4v Super Kings21-Apr-14
Daredevils8716.1v Royals30-May-08
RCB8715.2v Super Kings20-Apr-09
Mum Indians8712.5v Kings XI10-May-11
Kings XI8813.4v RCB06-May-15
Kings XI92/820v Super Kings20-May-09


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