During my weekly visit to Pan shop yesterday, I had some interesting cricketing debate with Mama Panwala. It made my tobacco less Poona Masala Pan taste like Banarasi masala . It went some what like this…..

Mama–  Aju Bhai, Pan Mitha ke Sadha ? (Sweet or simple? )

Me–  Make mitha (sweet) only Mama.

Mama– Tell me one thing, Aju Bahi, M.S.Dhoni is not playing well now a days. What may be the reason?

Me–  Who said Dhoni is not playing well?

Mama– Any one gets up and tweets about it .

Me– But tell me the name Mama who dare criticize our hero Mahi?.

Mama– I don’t know, but some businessman said like that.

Me– Who is that fellow to comment on great Dhoni !.

Mama– He is big man Aju Bhai. He controls big industry.

Me– That’s true Mama but does he understand cricket ?

Mama– Now a days whoever has money understands cricket, acting, direction, politics, art , science and what not Aju Bhai.

Me- You are correct Mama. But Mahi should not tolerate such criticism Mama,  that too from a person who never held a bat in hand.

Mama- He has not held bat Aju Bhai but holds entire IPL team in his fist . And why Dhoni should not listen to him ? If Shah Rukh Khan can dance at marriage for meager one crore Mahi can easily tolerate all these insults for four-five crores.  And  Mahi does not have to sweat out like Shah Rukh but just walk to wicket defend some balls and get out trying to  play a big looking miserable shot  I mean throw his wicket and sit in pavilion.

Me– You are right Mama, but I thought MSD is self respecting man. At least he should have retaliated on twitter Mama.

Mama– Aju Bhai  his wife has retaliated , that too on twitter  Mama . Whoever retaliates on twitter becomes popular. So Dhoni’s poor scores don’t matter, only twitter matters.

Me- So Mahi has backing of his wife that’s why he is successful even when he failing. Behind every fading successful person there has to be not only a sweeter woman but also a twitter woman.

Mama– But I am more upset with Dada Ganguli, Aju Bhai.

Me- Why Mama?

Mama– He also said Dhoni is not a good T-20 cricketer.

Me– Really? I didn’t know. But why ?

Mama– Aju Bhai  Dada says his strike rate is low .

Me–  Really? How much Mama?

Mama– It’s paltry 134 .

Me– What is strike rate Dada Ganguli Mama?

Mama– It’s massive 107 Aju Bhai.

Me– You are talking about T-20 strike rate Mama , I  want strike rate of twitter Mama.

Mama– Aju Bhai. How it is calculated ?

Me– Just divide number of words twitted by number of times a day multiplied by re-tweets.

Mama– Aju bhai, then we will also start tweeting . We will also be popular and successful persons.

Me– No Mama we can not. Only big people will tweet, we will debate it and then they will forget it. Now let me eat. I mean a pan Mama!


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  • April 21, 2017 at 10:36 am

    Very nice post. Keep it up Aju Sir

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