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Universal Sports Forum

Career in Sports – Sports Fitness

Date: 26th March 2017

Place: Vile Parle (E)


A brief report of meeting on 26th march,2017 held at Esquare, Mumbai

Guest Speakers-    

Rajendra Tembe – He started a running group called, “Keep on Running India” which is operational in Andheri (E). They regularly run 5km, 10km, Half Marathons and Marathons, in Mumbai and across Maharashtra. He is also a Pinkathon Ambassador.

Shailesh Shetty – A fitness trainer for more than 20 years. He was a personal trainer to the Ambani family, started as a head trainer with Talwalkars in 1999, presently faculty with BFY (better fitness for you) as a practical trainer for ACE (American Council of Exercise and ACSM (American Council of Sports Medicine) and owner of X-FITT in Vile Parle (E).

Prateek Dabholkar – Pratik had Started as a fast bowler for MIG and went onto make his debut for Mumbai under-15 2006-07 and has been a regular feature in the age group cricket for Mumbai State side at national level competitions. He did his Certified Personal Training course from American college of sports medicine in 2014 and has been working at ProSport Fitness ever since.


The forum started with the announcement of local news by Rajesh Deo, wherein the sporting events, ongoing and upcoming, in and around Mumbai were highlighted. Subsequently, a video of World champion athlete Usain Bolt’s everyday training regime was shown to the audience. In the video, Bolt speaks about the importance of training the right way and following coach’s orders to succeed in any sport.

Experts hour –

“Human muscle has a memory. It does not forget the sports you play for long. Even if one stops playing a sport for years and restart again, our body picks up the sport fast. It’s actually a muscle memory” Shailesh Shetty a founder of theme based Gymnasium was answering a query from eager audience.

The forum meeting had interesting panel discussion which consisted of series of questions formed by Universal Sports Forum’s committee. On being asked whether the training program for people for different sports differ or is the approach different, Shetty ji replied “The training regime in fact differs from person to person. The exercises which have been introduced in his gym consist of body movements/strength/stamina and agility. There are a lot of variations in exercises because nowadays.”

According to. Shetty Sir, people opt not to go the gym just for exercise as the exercises become monotonous. Regarding the diet, he advised that carbohydrates and mainly proteins should be the main source on intake for an individual. Also, he insisted that it is advisable for an individual to join a gym only after the age of 14 years as the body is not fully developed till that age and could cause serious injury to youngsters.

Rajendra Tembe, who has come up with ‘Keep on Running India’ explained the idea behind the initiative. He is an ex Kho-Kho player and has always had a passion for sports and especially, running. He was particularly inspired by Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. In his running group, he explained there are mainly leisure runners i.e. people who like to run; and very few professional runners. Their training regime includes practice at least 3-4 times a week.  The upcoming ‘Keep on Running India’ event is on the 25th of June in Vile Parle. It will be a 10km run, with its and starting and finishing point being Sathaye College.

Prateek Dabholkar manages fitness and cricket simultaneously. He has done the personal trainer course from American Council of Sports Medicine. It is a 4-month course which is conducted on weekends at Asian Heart Institute, BKC. Since there is no age limit to study this course, he advised the audience to take up a course which has proved very beneficial for him personally.

The guests also spoke briefly about the importance of mental fitness along with physical fitness. Both these aspects of sports fitness go hand in hand as per the experts on dias. “At least 8 hours’ deep sleep is must for any sportsman to recover from the wear and tear of the body and that’s extremely crucial for better concentration and fitness on the field” Speakers were unanimous on this count.

Universal Sports Forum organisers have taken a clue from this point and proposed to conduct a meeting on ‘Sports Psychology’ in near future to elaborate the mental aspect of sports fitness.

After the panel discussion, ideas presented in previous meetings of Universal Sports Forum were discussed. These included supporting the Indian National Team in the upcoming U17 FIFA World Cup, Exhibition match of Table Tennis which will be played by former or current elite players and a blind cricket match to raise awareness regarding the recent Blind Cricket World Cup win by India.

The Universal Sports Forum has always something new to offer and the quality of speakers make the meetings quite informative and worth to budding sportsmen or sports lovers.



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