Stray Thoughts- 4.3.2017

With Second cricket test match between India and Australia starting today a few stray thoughts from me once again on a turning wicket .

Like Kumble asking every one to move on from first test and stop discussing about wicket has spoken sense and might help Indian team focus on second match.

Like when Ian Chappell speaks, it definitely makes sense. He had said long back that DRS must be used intelligently by not asking for review against reputed umpires and wasting them and Indians did exactly opposite.

And like Ian Chappell once again rightly said that the result of the first test will play on mind only till first half an hour of next test for some confidence boosting. Real Test is on ground and which team takes first two hours which may decide who might have upper hand .

And like cricket is not only a religion, a festival but also more than bread and butter of every Indian is evident when cricket match is going on.

And like best place to discuss cricket is Pan shop at every corner of the road and I haven’t seen a Panwala disinterested in cricket.

And that no commentary for the Test match means no radio at Pan shop but Panwalas have also moved on with one square feet TV put up in 5 square feet Pan shop.

Like Test match is test match and one day is one day, and it’s logically digestible when NZ selectors decided to drop Guptil from Test side after scoring 180 odd in one day against top team South Africa.

And like I don’t know who is controlling Indian cricket at ground level with new administration installed at top by Supreme court

And like whoever is controlling the board a sensible, decision of honoring left arm magicians Shivalkar and Goyal with CK Naidu award, need to be appreciated.

And like a lot has been said about both these left arm bowlers and even if they have not played Test, have highest regards in the minds of cricket loving public than many other test players.

And that Paddy(Padmakar Shivalkar) was Paddy and Bedi was Bedi but there was one occasion when ex-superstar captain of Indian cricket could have played Paddy as B.S.Bedi was injured but he didn’t.

And like India has won the toss today and has opted for batting and wasted golden opportunity getting bowled out, third time in a row below 200.

And that Rahane has failed again after settling down and also dropped the catch indicates neither he himself nor his stars are liking him for now.

And more bad news than Kohli failing again is, Indians have dropped a catch as well as shoulders on the first day itself.

With attempt to bowl more deceptive deliveries like 8 wickets grabber Lyon, see you next week once again.

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